Getting saucy

Ooh err matron.

If you are like me then sauce and dips feature a lot in the diet.

I get great satisfaction from making these. Since the taste of HP lost its bite, I’ve taken to home-made brown sauces.

They take a while but there isn’t much preparation apart from spooning things out of a jar and some peeling and rough chopping. Sauce – mcchrystaleyes

Great with bacon butties.


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My Dad always used HP brown sauce, we never had tomato ketchup just brown sauce . Dad has it with everything . I was the only other person to like it . Perhaps like you Steve I was trying to impress my dad . It’s funny I still buy brown sauce , it lasts forever as it’s only me that likes it. You are right it’s not the same as it was. My mum always made jams and chutney and pickled her own onions . I love the jams Rhubarb and Ginger was amazing. I hated the smell of boiling vinegar. When she made Chutney the house used to stink of boiling vinegar…the only thing as bad as boiling vinegar was when she permed her hair . Now that’s another awful childhood memory. It always made me feel sick. Michelle and Frazer xx