Getting a bit saucy


I’m on another blog roll, especially with cooking.

May I present two types of sauce which are easy to make if your fine motor control is impaired. I have one good hand so I can get the satisfaction of doing some manual labour. I can work off an ordinary table so I’m not struggling in my wheelchair with higher surfaces. It’s also good to do with others; it seems less effort that way.

Best wishes, Steve

Hi Steve,

Your fine piece of kitchen brutality looks useful! What is it called and where can I get one?



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Ditto please. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this will be allowed to remain on here, but I’ve been searching for what Steve has and came across this…oooooh! I want them all!

Poppy, that’s sheer kitchen porn. Saucy indeed.

It’s a zyliss E13075 onion chopper. £15.78 on Amazon. It’s dearer on e bay.

I also have one of these:

Quite expensive but really worth it; as is getting a good knife, sharpened, garlic crusher and a big daddy citrus squeezer.


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Brilliant Steve. Thank you. Nothing wrong with a little porn!

Now I can feel a shopping spree coming on. For some ladies it’s designer bags and shoes, for others it’s top brand cosmetics. For me it’s quality kitchen equipment (done with the cheap plastic carp! Buy once you buy twice) and anything for my garden. Happy days.

Kitchen equipment is one of my vices too. So long as it’s not too big to hide away in a cupboard (given all the various appliances I already own). The chopper has just been popped into my Amazon basket. Oops. Here we go again. Mr Sssue will be questioning why postie / Amazon delivery chap is wandering up the garden path again.


Hehe, we’ll just blame Steve. The devil made me do it!

My bit of Kitchen porn is a game changer

I can peel spuds one handed, use a carving knife with relative saftey etc