mishap in the kitchen


i really wanted to make something healthy and inexpensive so i decided on root vegetable mash.

sweet potato, carrots, swede and parsnips and i was really looking forward to it.

however after using almost all of my spoons on peeling and chopping i now need to buy a new pan.

it will take a week to soak the burn off.

anyway i’m eating at la scala tonight so i needn’t have bothered.

carole x

i’m thinking maybe we need to remarry because i kill a pan a week!

My slow cooker is my wonder aid…they are fab…a good old spagbog turns into something incredible when it’s been in the slow cooker all day !!

hi jen

the spoons were that spoon theory. i put my all into peeling and chopping!

i was thinking pans are good for wedding presents!

time to stop being silly because i’m off out later and i’ll be drinking alcohol!!!

halloween is my birthday and to be honest i dont like all this fuss being made (unless its about me!)

carole x

Happy birthday Carole- don’t do anything I wouldn’t do which should leave you plenty!

Oh dear Carole

Happy birthday and have a lovely birthday meal.

I read a tip today about soaking burnt pans in biological washing powder solution which apparently takes off all the burnt mess and brings them up like new. You pour in an eggcup full of bio washing powder, add warm water and leave to soak overnight. The next morning it should clean off easily with a washing up brush.

Tracey x

Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:

Now, buy yourself a slow cooker cos seriously, even people that really can’t cook (like me) can’t go far wrong and you won’t have any burnt stuff on pans to worry about, just yummy food :wink:

Have a fabulous time tonight

Sonia x