tea time

HI all, just made a sheperd pie for our tea, all l need now is 2 good hands to clean the pan. l only have 1 partly good hand and 1 that will not work, very weak has anyone else got a weak hand. and how to you get on with it peeling the veg takes me 3 times longer than it used too l will have to look out for a frame that wood hold the veg so l can peel it. take care, Jan

Hi Jan I’m fortunate to have a dishwasher but with regards peeling veg I find that if I use the tool that holds onions (lots of prongs) and then use a peeler with a large horseshoe shaped rubber handle it makes it easier just holds them in pkace whilst I peel. Hope this helps I’m sure many others will have different ideas that may help too. Sue x


i cant hold/peel veg so carer prepares some food for in slow cooker or kids can manage beans on toast. i have discovered frozen copped onion! £1 a bag-perfect-saves carer from crying!

the hardest thing for me is thinking what i want to ask them to prepare-and trying to order it from t*esco!

regular board users will know i am getting used to alternative ways to do anything. plan b, sometimes i get to plan s or t but to date i have found an alternative way (not neccesarily by myself to manage/do things) i have to if i want my kids to eat!

ellie x

oops-i didnt mean to be anon… ellie x

Ready made mashed potato is my help. No more peeling potatoes in my house. Or bake them in their skins, scoop the middles out to mash and save the skins to toss in oil and bake again until crispy and eat with dips. No waste that way either. Frozen roast potatoes taste just as good as the ones I make myself and are more convenient.

For apples and onions etc, I pin them down with the bad hand that doesn’t grip and work round them round with veggie peeler (one with a soft touch handle which helps grip). They don’t bounce across the floor so much that way. I have a mini chopper and pulse onions in it until they are chopped, easy to control whether they are big chunks or finely chopped.

When my hands are really bad, I buy bags of ready prepared veg - frozen are best as they are frozen so quickly they are very fresh and have the most nutrients.

Tracey x

HI All many thanks for your input its a great help l will get sorted Jan xx

try this site One Handed Peelers, Graters & Slicers - Kitchen Aids : Complete Care Shop I also saw a gadget where you stick the veg on spikes in a board and use that to hold the veg. Can’t remember where.