Recipe from the one-handed kitchen

This was so easy, I didn’t even need to rest after completion. I’ve got just enough control in my weaker hand to peel potatoes but if you have one of those purpose-built spiky things it’s even easier. I used a small knife to peel mine by hand but the spike monster works better with a proper y-shaped implement.

Good wishes from the High Weald.


It sounds lovely Steve, I’ve got a chicken in the oven for tea and some sausage meat and stuffing from m and s that was reduced , I’m boiling potatoes…but I’m a vegetarian, I have been for 18 months now so my son and daughter in law and the rest of the family have tea sorted. Mine will probably have to be good old beans on toast! Michelle and Frazer xx

Gonna get my carer to make some for me.



Hi Steve

Enjoyed your blog as usual, thanks. Your recipe certainly sounds very moreish, I am going to try it.

Hope you’re doing ok, Spring is just around the corner, thank goodness.

Pam x

Sounds tasty Steve. I’d not thought of using sweet potatoes but will be more flavoured than normal ones. Even my daughter fancies trying these.

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Hi Steve I am going to try these. Sound delicious. Thanks. Anne x

Oh, so delicious. Always been in love with your recipes. Thanks for sharing your experience with peeling potatoes and making salmon and sweet potato fish cakes! It’s great that you found it easy to peel the potatoes even with your weaker hand, and that you were able to adapt to the tools you had on hand. Your salmon and sweet potato fish cakes sound delicious, and it’s always good to have a treat every now and then while still maintaining a healthy diet. Always been in love with your recipes, especially with the banana pudding recipe.

A robot with taste buds?