8oz of cooked fish

2oz of rice

1 hard boiled egg

1oz of butter (or whatever, marg?)

salt to taste, pepper to taste

Right -

boil the rice until cooked

Divide the fish into flakes

slice the egg

Melt the butter in a pan and stir it all in


Guess what’s happening tomorrow?


We like random.


Ooooh like the sounds of that

Pat x


We like random.


Thanks, but it’s not so random. It came from my gluten free cookery book.


Sorry Mark, I only meant random subject - but guess it was continuation of a ‘thread’? LOL, Debs

No you didn’t make a mistake. I made a cock up! It should have gone into Everyday Living, but we all eat! I post now and again about my gluten free dietary regime because quite a few people follow this too. It’s worth a look!


Ah! We like [filtered word] ups too! Makes us all feel at home. Debs

[filtered, filtered, filtered, filtered me] But everyone gets the gist and it’s [filtered word] good laugh.