Gluten Free

Hi all,

I am apparently gluten intolerant and need to go gluten free. Can anybody suggest any diets, websites, recipes etc or any advice please. It seems a pretty daunting task and that gluten is in everything!!

Thanks guys

Steve x

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Hi Steve.

tescos have quite a big range of gluten free things tho it is a tad expensive!

go online and google gluten free recipes, im sure something will come up! (i know theres a fab gluten free chocolate cake recipe! :wink: )

other than that im not sure, i stopped eating bread and tried not to eat pasta i havent been tested for intolerance yet but think i am.

Im sure there will be other people on here who can advise better than me!!!

Kate x

Hi Kate

I googled that and loads came up!! I wonder if anyone can suggest a particular site. Its a minefield!!

Thanks for answering x

Hello Steve. My daughter shops at tescos and morrisons. She also cooks a lot for herself. I’ll quiz her for info and let you know if I get any PS: Shush!! Don’t mention the time…been there…its done my head in Lol

My daughter Emily said this is the site she uses most often… Noreen x

Oooops!! should have said she’s gluten intolerant too x

Thanks Noreen, thats a great help! x

Stevie, l think most of us are gluten intolerant without realising it. l try to stay ‘grain free’ as much as possible. So l was surprised when l got a invitation from about joining a 7day Gluten Summit. lt starts on monday. l have been taking ldn for some years with very good benefits. They are all volunteers who run the trust. lf you contact them you will be able to join in with the ‘summit’.

l do follow the Barry Groves eating regime - which is low carbs/ no grain/ high fat and protein. Google him - very interesting. His diet is the same as Dr Terry Wahls - but his was 30 yrs earlier!

Grain/Carbs l find sap all my energy and cause stomach problems.

l eat bacon and egg/scrambled egg smoked salmon - cheese omelette etc for breakfast. lt keeps me fulfilled all day - then l eat meat/fish with veg or salad. Keep off bread/cakes/biscuits. Once you cut out grain you will not feel hungry. Bread especially. doughnuts etc. eat one - you then need to eat the whole packet!! Same with biscuits.

If you’re going to go completely GF you really do have to trawl thru everything in your kitchen cupboards and strip out everything with wheat/barley/oats etc. in and I remember a few surprises (oxo cubes, worcester sauce, HP sauce etc.) and a few weird ones - malt vinegar is no good but salt and vinegar crisps are usually ok. Wine or cider vinegar isn’t such a hardship tho :slight_smile:

I’m not 100% GF anymore as it’s an intolerance for me, I know every few months I’ll give in and eat a pizza and wake up the next day feeling hungover. I think Spacejacket is right, a lot of us are intolerant and don’t realise it.

Personally. i think most GF bread is a bit rubbish (tastes kind of sweet) but it’s getting better and Warburtons stuff isn’t bad at all. I don’t worry too much about it now but will always take the GF option if there’s one available and I could never go back to eating bread every day. M&S and brilliant, they now do GF breaded chicken and fish and they do GF stuffing which is fantastic as I tried the GF mixes and thought they were blinking awful. M&S cakes are yummy too.

GF oats are becmming more common which opens a few other options now i.e. Tesco have even made some of their Finest range biccies GF with GF oat flour. And Nairns do quite a few GF biscuits and crackers too.

Our local chippy does GF night on a Monday a they clean their fryers then and make up a GF batter, it’s got to be good cos my husband gets us both the GF version :wink:

There’s a good forum I used to use, Gluten free gorillas, you can get loads of advice there

Sonia x

Really appreciate that info Sonia, thanks very much. Steve x

And you Spacejacket!!! Thank you x.

Hi there, My sister has gone GFin the last you which has really helped severe PMT! the downside is that it is really expensive. Apparently, this is the regime that Victoria Beckham pursues and why she is so slim! Teresa xx

Should say - in the last year!

Hi, There’s lots of gluten-free stuff in the shops, but processed rubbish is processed rubbish whether it has gluten in or not. A good book I found is “The AiA Gluten and Dairy Free Cookbook”. Neather

I obviously mean Heather not Neather. I blame germs.

Anyone interested in GLUTEN FREE - log on now for the Gluten Summit - its on all week and has started.

Hi, There’s loads of hidden gluten hidden in foods that you wouldn’t know about. So if you need to totally avoid gluten it can get tricky. The coeliac society produces a booklet to find out where the hidden gluten is - doesn’t cost more than £10 Hugs Min xx

Hi, I’ve been gluten/wheat and dairy free since May this year. Its not that difficult once you build a list of meal ideas. Asda do a few treats and they are not that expensive such as Asda freefrom gluten free pizza bases. Generally I cook meals from scratch such as brown rice, fish, fish pie, chicken, salads, baked pots, fresh vegetables, lots of fresh fruit, nuts, and seeds, stewed fruits. Most of the supermarkets offer gluten free pasta and if you make a good sauce its not too different in taste from wheat pasta.

Spudulike offer Heinz baked beans and are apparently gluten free. When ever I go clothes shopping with a friend we pop into Spudulike for baked pot and beans. I understand that some toothpastes are not gluten free so I use Aquafresh as that is apparently gluten free. Sainburys had added to their freefrom range gluten and dairy free hot-cross buns and they are surpringly nice. xx

Thanks for the shopping tips - and l did not know about toothpaste. l have a friend who is coeliac - and when he comes to dinner l use cornflour for thickening gravy/sauces and for tempura batter. And its always Pavlova for pud. Have made him glutenfree treacle tart and mince-pies. The gluten free pastry is not easy to roll out - so l roll it between to sheets of clingfilm. He is always thrilled to get something home-made. But everyone enjoys the gluten free version. l think it soon becomes a way of life. l make Florentines as well - little fruit and nut biscuits coated with chocolate on one side.