Gluten free..

So I tried a gluten free diet for two weeks and certainly since going back to eating gluten in bread again I’ve felt a lot worse with regards to digestive system. I just read that it can affect nervous system too amongst other things. Has anyone tried a gluten free diet? I noted it can be useful trying with autoimmune disorders.

Just interested if anyone has experience of gluten issues?

sometimes bread makes me bloated.

i don’t like gluten free bread so either have none or have crackers or crispbreads.

i like that dark rye bread some of which is gluten free.

i once tried the Best Bet diet which means no gluten, no dairy, no legumes and lots of other things.

it made me ill because i hardly ate at all and got so weak.

it took a long time to regain my appetite so be careful not to overdo it.

carole xx

Thanks for replying Carole. Yes the bread can be pretty dire. I’ve tried the crackers and I like them. A friend of mine has TN and hatishimoto thyroid issue and advised gluten free. I think I was better for it. Also lost weight with it wasn’t a bad thing! I suffer terribly from bloating so much so going to keep on the gluten free but will be sensible!

I’m gluten and wheat free, not from choice I may add (: Some of the bread can be dire so have a good look round and see what you can find. Doing a google search will bring up some gluten free bread bakers and their products are normally 100% better than the big firms you find in the supermarkets.

Do be warned though that many gluten free products hav a lot more fat and sugar in them mainly to hide the taste of the substitute flour.

I’ve tried the gluten free lightbulbs


I am wheat/gluten free and you do have to shop around. M&S have some nice tasting gluten free foods.