Gluten free bread

Friend has coeliac disease and is on a gluten free diet. He gets gluten free bread on prescription - it tastes like putty!

Are there different types of gluten free bread available - hopefully some that are edible!!

My mother-in-law was coeliac and swore that the only way to make any of the breads edible was to toast them, and eat it warm with melted butter/spread.
I eat Wheat free and I have to agree that is the only way I will eat them. I tried the Genius bread once (nearly £3 a loaf), I still found it best toasted and not really much better than any of the others (although the texture is slightly more ‘normal’).

Unfortunately bread is just best with Gluten! I now tend to find other Gluten free alternatives that are nothing like bread so I am not disappointed (rice cakes, GF oat cakes etc)

Isobel x

I became gluten free when I found I had problems digesting bread. I also found out that modified starch which is present in many foods is a derivative of gluten, so now its a lifestyle choice for which I feel much better. I dont know if its changed my MS because im now SP. I joined the Coeliac Society and if you subscribe you recieve an electronic directory which is brilliant. It covers everything a gluten free person needs to know about the lifestyle and food choices you can make. Anyway back to bread, prescription bread is awful, Freefrom from Sainsburys is ok, Dietary Specials or DS (which is their logo) is good and they make a lovely crispbread. Rice cakes ugh. like eating polystyrene tiles. Warburtons have recently launched a gluten free range of bread, rolls and teacakes but as yet I havent tried them. Mark and Spencers sausages and burgers are mostly wheat free and are excellant. Anyway going gluten free is an exciting journey of discovery.

Thanks for your replies.

Hopefully with there being different types it may be possible to find a bread which is better than the dreadful stuff obtainable on prescription.

Hi Warburtons do a new gluten free bread, its really good, very palatable and not hard lol. Even I can eat it. I sent you a link.

The bread is as nearest to normal bread I have tried. Mariax


My son will only eat Genius gluten-free bread. They do quite a good range now, including pies and pizzas. My son likes the fruity bread.


Since I went gluten free I have tried a few breads but I didn’t rate any of them so I don’t bother with bread at all now.