For those who eat gluten free bread.

Every so often I make a loaf which is by far the best loaf I eat, especially when it is just made.

In between I buy ‘Genius’ - quite soft and very palatable. Unlike some other brand gluten free loaves which are like slabs only really acceptable when toasted.

My local Sainsbury offers an own brand gluten free loaf which is something like Genius and is about a pound cheaper.

Cheapest is not always best, but I think it rivals Genius quite acceptably. Not quite as fluffy but light nevertheless.

It’s worth a look.


I don’t eat gluten but I don’t eat gluten free breaf either as its made with other things I also don’t eat, I did try Genius once but didn’t really rate it.

However I saw the other day they have started making pain au chocolats too, think I might try one of those!

Thank you for that…we are going away self catering and I have a vegetarian and coeliac together with the normal diets to cater for.

Anything that helps with the cost is worth knowing.