Breadmaker update! (not ms)

Thanks for all the great advice I got on here.

It came yesterday morning. By yesterday afternoon I had a wonderful loaf of wholemeal bread. Delicious!

At the moment I have a white loaf just starting to bake and smelling great.

Thanks to whoever advised about honey instead of sugar! Lovely!

It’s a nice small machine (tiny kitchen!) and I’m really pleased.

And even I can manage to measure out the ingredients and turn the machine on… oh and of course eat it!.. so thanks again.

Pat x

HI pat

This is good news. Now I’m wondering whether to go out and buy M&S brown seeded gluten free, or genius seeded gluten free, or bake my own. Breakfast tomorrow has to happen.

I guess making my own would be best, trundling down to Sainsbury now and buying one of the above will take an hour or so, against three hours baking my own.

The proprietry gluten free loaves are £2.99 each and that hour - but I pass my favourite pub. It would be rude not to etc etc.

Baking my own means getting some eggs. Sainsbury again. I can’t buy two eggs so half a dozen free range is a few quid.

Balance time.

Genius seeded wins, Sainsbury, and I get a pint in too.


That’s great Pat!

Very happy you are having fun and eating well!