wholemeal brick???

Does anyone have problems with wholemeal bread. I bought some because it looked so tasty, had different seeds on top and loved it however a few hours later I felt like I had a brick in my stomach. I became thirsty, then belly ache for the rest of the day. My son too felt ill.

Needless to say, the next day once eradicated I felt a lot better but very sore tum (you thought I was going to say something else too didnt you). Has anyone experienced this after eating wholemeal bread?

I know my father had problems, seems Im ok if its 50/50 content which is strange.



i hardly eat bread nowadays, just one slice a day. i’ve been tested for gluten intolerance and i havent got it. but bread makes me feel uncomfortable.

Hi Carole,

I think my system cannot cope with wholemeal. Everything in small doses I think. Ill not be trying that again regardless of how it looks. Bread is something I find hard to resist, and dont they say its usually something you fancy you might be intolerant to.

You are so right, my waistline needs tender care so perhaps Ill take a leaf out of your book.

Thanks for that Carole, glad Im not the only one.

Best wishes



Also you could have had a tummy bug,and it just coincided with eating the bread.

jaki xx

Hi Bren

I’m the same, I just can’t tolerate it. I’m OK with half and half, multigrain, granary etc, but wholemeal is out! If you really like wholemeal though you could try Rye bread,( not the black pumpernickle stuff), it looks and tastes very similar, but I find it much easier on the tummy! Asda does a lovely Rye and Carraway seed on their in store bakery counter if there’s one near you…?

Take care xx