Gluten free loaf (new)

Last weekend I was staying with a friend who found a gluten free brown seeded loaf in M&S to make some toast for me on Sunday morning.

You know what it’s like with new textures. This week I’ve been trotting up up M&S a few times and I’m on my second loaf! I think anyone on a gf diet would really enjoy it. Last night at M&S Camberley the price was £2.45 for a reasonable but not large loaf


Hi Mark,

Another company that does wheat/gluten and dairy free products is OK foods - available in ASDA, Somerfield and

Co-ops. They do breads, cakes etc. Such a treat to find something delicious and you can eat it.



lts good to find something that you can eat - and enjoy!! - Buy enough to freeze - save you all the trips. l am known for my super crispy roast potatoes - and my secret is to par boil the spuds - let them get cold - then put a tablespoon of polenta [also known as semolina/cornmeal] with salt/pepper/paprika/ dried thyme into a plastic bag and put the spuds in and shake about - then l put them in a hot roasting pan with a little oil/dripping to roast. l use one of those teflon sheets in the bottom so they do not stick and lose their crispy bits - and its so much easier to wash out afterwards.

Polenta and Gram flour are both gluten-free and so useful for making fishcakes fritters etc. And cornflour is excellent in a tempura type batter.

lts back to preparing for tonights Sunday Roast - we always have friends round - Have enough blackberries for a crumble made with polenta and ground almonds.