Anyone us a bread maker? (not ms)

I rather fancy getting one… but huge choice and different prices. Before I shell out… do people find that they really do use them… or use them for a few weeks and then left collect dust?

I live on my own & only need a small one… anyone got a recommendation?

I saw a tv prog’ last night about health & they mentioned commercial bread. The reason why bread doesn’t go stale as quickly as it used to is because they load it up with fat to keep it soft… yuk…

Pat x


l was given one many years ago. Did use it regularly to begin with - then the novelty did drop off. lt comes out now and then - and yes it is always a dust trap as l keep it on top of fridge/freezer. Mine was not an expensive one - Prima. l like letting the machine mix the dough - then l put the dough in a bowl - covered - and left somewhere warm and leave it overnight. The longer it is left to prove the better the bread is to eat as the gluten has done its work - but doesn’t upset the digestion. l do enjoy breadmaking - so l think you would like using one. Just the smell of the yeast - and the hot bread is very rewarding.

l might just get it out and make some foccaia - or ciabatta rolls. Sun-dried tomatoes/Olives/Basil /Raisins-Walnuts/pumpkin seeds etc can all be added in stages to make an interesting tasty loaf.

Now l also have a pasta machine - another gadget that when l do use it - l love it - and it is successful - especially if you have your own free-range eggs!! But most of the time l use dry pasta.



I have a breadmaker and love it. The reason is I am often unable to get out to the shops and we were always running out or finding gruesome, old, green mouldy bread-yikes :wink:

Ours does lots of other things like jams, chutneys, cakes!? but to be honest, I would now be very happy with a small one which just makes bread.

I thought I may tire of the novelty but I have not, I mostly use the rapid setting that gives me a fresh loaf in 2 hours.

Simple pleasures :slight_smile:



I bought a Kenwood breadmaker second hand a few years ago and use it a lot.The novelty still hasn’t worn off.I had started to make my own bread and thought that I might miss kneading,but now enjoy baking cakes instead.I never buy bread now.I’ve found a loaf recipe that I like and this is what I make (with a few tweaks).I like the fact also that I know exactly what’s in my bread-no e numbers etc.I don’t see the point of using the quick setting (I think it’s better that the bread rises twice) so use the setting taking 3 hours.I think that it costs less to make your own bread tbh as long as it’s not full of fancy ingredients.

I’ve also heard that Panasonic do good breadmakers.

Hope this helps.Take care,Brenda x

Thank you! I’ve made up my mind… will buy one!

I saw a nice small one on Amazon made by Lakeland for under £50. Only one review (which was excellent) but will take another look… and will google and see if I can get a bargain.

Thanks again,

Pat x

Yes, my folks bought me one for Xmas last year. It does all manner of fancy things (special breads/cakes/jam etc) but I use it to make gluten free bread. It has a special programme for that, & the results are better than shop bought. Love it! Been used at least once weekly.

We had one years ago and used it often.I’d mucked about with the recipe and made superb bread.The problem was that we’d only get six slices out of a loaf,it wouldn’t even get a chance to cool down when it was knocked out of the tin.The butter melted in better like that.

Eventually it became a weekend treat,'cos even though I was a busy boy with the Fire Brigade,I couldn’t justify the extra million calories. When we got divorced it must have stayed with her.If there are a few ‘Breadophiles’ to fight over the loveliness, “Go for it”

Happy new loaf,

Wb x

We have been using our faithful old Panasonic 205 for donkey’s years, and the rare times it has failed have been when I have done something stupid. I tend to slice a fresh loaf and straightaway freeze anything we are not going to use now. Alison x


The only thing to beat my breadmaker is my slow cooker

Hi Pat

Mine is Morphy-Richards. There is nothing, nothing, nothing like freshly made bread but it can be a faff. I use it for my gluten free preference.

The best shop made g-f loaves are better if they are a day or two old and home made is less good but only then. Like you say, some presevative this ‘n’ that gets in. The best shop loaves in my opinion are Genius seeded and M&S brown seeded. Nothing nothing nothing beats the freshly made warm loaf and it usually gets eaten very quickly.


Ooh Breadmakers are wonderful!! Mine broke last year and we couldn’t afford to get another one - but I’m determined to get another. Glad you are going to get one, you won’t regret it :slight_smile: Sam x

i havnt bought a loaf of bread in just over 3 years. I love my bread maker iv got a relativly expencive one wich can add fruit and nuts half way through for making malt loaf and the such but my mum has a cheaper one wich she swears works wonderfuly. To be honest i dont use all the functions on mine. I put mine on at night with the built in timer so i have fresh bread for breakfat every other morning.

I forgot to say - mine is a small one.

I mean the breadmaker!

Tra-la!!! I have bought one!!!

Checked out the Lakeland Compact Breadmaker as it’s small (I have tiny kitchen and it’s only me here). Customer reviews on Lakeland site were very good but I got it from Amazon (as they already have my details) at same price of £59.99 (free p&p).

OOOH I’m excited!

Can someone suggest what I should buy to make my first loaves? I’m guessing wholemeal flour & yeast (any kind of yeast?). I’ve also read you need sugar but honey can be substituted… yes?

All tips gratefully received

Thank you peeps,

Pat x

Well not wholemeal flour for me - I use Dove’s gluten free white bread flour. Two eggs, sugar, salt, vinegar, oil, Allinson’s dried active yeast, water instead of milk, some xantham gum. Yep, that’s it. Then the nuts/seeds/fruit/olives go in as you wish, and the wine goes in as you wait!


Hiya Pat

We have a bread maker and use it about once a week. You will need, white bread flour (even if you make wholemeal), wholemeal bread flour, the dried fast action yeast (you buy a pack with little sachets in), salt, dried milk powder, olive oil, sugar.

You bread machine will probably come with a little recipe book to get you started but you can find loads of fab recipes on the internet.

If you want to be really lazy, you can buy a pack of bread mix from the supermarket, although that’s an expensive way of doing it.

Have fun experimenting with it.



Hi, after buying two cheap bread makers I finally gave in and purchased a Panasonic One. I wish I had bought one years go! I have had it for about one year and have only bought half a dozen loaves in that time. The only trouble is that as there are five of us a loaf only lasts one day. Our current favourite is sun dried tomato and Parmesan loaf, but I made a gorgeous buttery brioche loaf for Christmas Day breakfast which was delicious (if very fattening!) Enjoy which ever one you buy, takes a bit of patience and trial and error but certainly worth it in the end.

That’s great Pat!Hope you enjoy it.

I make a 350g loaf t-he smallest one as I’m on my own,using 150g white flour,150g wholemeal flour and 50g porridge oats.Then the recipe has warm water,salt,sugar,dried milk powder and oil-the recipe states butter,but any oil works fine.If you want to make a wholemeal loaf,it might be very heavy if you use only wholemeal,so I would suggest having a mix of flours.I also found that a mixture of flours made the loaf less crumbly.

Be prepared to end up with a few dud loafs.This can be frustrating,but don’t let it put you off.I’ve only made two or three out of the 250 + that were not really edible.

Let us know how you get on!

Brenda x

Pat - When are we going to get the aroma of fresh baked bread coming from your kitchen - sounds as if it might be imminent!

l think you have got us all inspired now to blow the dust off our breadmakers and start baking. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood will be pleased.

A tip from me - as l found the non-stick lining of mine was not exactly non-stick after a lot of use - so l now use a ‘releasing spray’ its Dr Oetker’s cake release spray. lts good for any intricate shaped cake tins - like my giant cupcake tins.

Also, as someone has said - wholemeal flour on its own makes a rather solid loaf - so it needs a good amount of strong white flour as part of the mix. You can always add seeds etc to the top before it bakes.

And another point that someone made l agree with - don’t go for the quick/rapid loaf - its best to go for the longest - as it gives it time to ‘prove’ and you will end up with a better loaf. Even just use the machine for making the dough - then leave it to prove for a good long time - then you can seperate it into rolls or a plait and bake in the oven. Or even freeze the made up dough.

Happy Baking Everyone.

Thank you all for your wonderful tips.

Says it should arrive between 11 and 15th of Jan… but you never know it might come sooner.

Can’t wait! Will let you know how I get on… but thanks to your tips I can order ingredients with online shopping so I can get baking as soon as machine arrives!

Pat x