Energy saving kitchen gadgets

Hi all Just had a flyer through the door for The Original Factory Shop…they have offers on Healthy oil less fryer for £39 Pressure cooker for £39 Slow cooker for £12 Halogen oven for £30 Some bargains, so thought I’d share !! Catherine Xx

Oh Catherine, thought it was a post on things we could use to save our energy - not elecricity! ha

Thinking of an apple slicer and decorer - one push and the apple is cut into 8 pieces with the core cut out in the middle.

Also got a cutting machine - put onion, peppers etc in the bottom - bang down a few times and everything it chopped.

Thanks for the post though.

Jen x


the best energy saving gadgets i have are my carers

sorry-couldnt resist i was on the same wavelength jen!

ellie x

Oops !!

I thought that too! Have Pampered Chef corer. Where do the veg dicers come from? xx

I’ve always found that a woman is the best thing

Wb x

My best gadget now is my Kenwood Prospero - have I mentioned it lately?

It mixes all my cakes, chops all my vegetables, blends soups etc and it will be making bread at some point as I can then sell my breadmaker which is taking up worktop space. (I don’t bake the bread in it anyway as the top is soft and the bottom is crusty and that is the wrong way round!)

Even better, I bought it using son’s 20% discount with the supermarket which employs him. It’s the most use he has even been around the house

Tracey x

Ooh I wouldn’t be without my breadmaker now…lovely fresh, crusty bread and the smell…!!! Xx

I love freshly baked bread but my breadmaker doesn’t make it right. I mix the dough in it and then bake it in the oven. My Prospero takes up half the footprint of my breadmaker so I may as well just have the one gadget :slight_smile:

I must admit, I was worried it wouldn’t bake the same…so a lovely friend lent me his to try first !! First loaf was a bloomin disaster but it’s been lovely since I used a recipe a baker friend gave me. So, I bought one…it’s a lovely, shiny, red one…MrH said, oh not another kitchen gadget !! But strangely has been requesting soup for tea ever since…nothing to do with the bread that comes with it then !!!

Sorry Mrs H I’ve taken over your post!! Love my bread maker too.

Chopper thing is from Pampered chef.

Jen x

That’s ok, Jen…any gadget ideas are welcomed by me !! I just made bacon, lentil and carrot soup in my slow cooker with sun dried tomato and Parmesan bread in my breadmaker…yummy. I can’t really claim I made them though…the machines did all the work !! Xx

The best gadget in my kitchen is my husband…he’s welcome to it. If he lets me down then M&S