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I am just in from work, tired, cold, hungry. My glance fell on a lovely bottle of red in the kitchen so I’m having a glass.

The thought of going back out there and toiling in the kitchen for my meal is not greatly enticing, but I am thinking about something with no additives (including msg), is gluten free and tastes good. It’s a tall order I know!

I’ll have another glass in a moment and while the heating kicks in, so whilst I’m quaffing that, any ideas would be appreciated.


The way things are looking, a bottle of Gaviscon .


Ha ha! I’d need that for every day then!!

Jacket potato?

Thank you S. I think it might just be that.

In the fridge is salmon, beef, pizza and lots of fresh greens/herbs, but I can’t be asked to crank the cooker up.

Yes, Jacket potato will give me time to have yet another glass.

Glad to help :slight_smile:

My number one choice for easy, filling comfort food.



Sounds like you’ll be on a different planet by time you get to eat it! Lol. Teresa xx

Hee, yeah, what a way to do it.

Tins of mackerel come in handy. My favourite one ‘with hot chilli dressing’ has been changed this time to ‘with mustard sauce’. I shudder to think what might be in it but my stomach is playing the National Anthem (in Bb) so needs must.

I like the mackerel in mustard sauce; it’s tasty but I think that there is tumeric in the sauce as it dyes your countertop yellow when (if like me you’re clumsy/shaky) you spill it.


Tin fish on a jacket potato is good - but then the salmon from your freezer will cook very quick - unless its the monster we have in our freezer [caught by OH in Helmsdale Scotland] lts too big for the oven and the fish kettle - Have looked up via google how to cook it in the dishwasher - well wrapped of course. Thing is we would have to invite about 20 guests to help eat it.

Have you tried Salmon fillet with cajun spice on the top - pan-fried with rice and salad.

gordon ramsays recipe for spanish omelette is easy, quick and delicious.

in a deep frying pan add 9 whisked eggs, thinly sliced red pepper and a few slices of creamy goats cheese, cook until the bottom is set, then add a layer of grated hard goats cheese and some grated parmesan.

finish under grill.

slice it like a gateau and share with a few good friends. oh and add one or two or three bottles of wine!

Why not just have another bottle.and maybe a chunk of cheese and crusty bread?

luv Pollx

I’m liking the sound of Carole’s omelette might have to do that one day. In the mean time I’ll have the chunks of cheese washed down with the wine xx

Omelette, mmm sounds lovely. Another easy, quick, filling, yummy comfort food!

Thanks everybody for taking time to reply.

It was a jacket potato last night but I’m home tonight in time to get over to the Co-op for some eggs and stuff, so I think I’ll give the omelette a go.

And another bottle - it’s Friday!

The only problem is, I work on Saturday too, so I musn’t cane it tonight! (but I probably will)


Tried your Dal recipe-lovely, tasty, warming, filling!


Hi Rae

I think you are right! I did the same thing.

I’m quite relieved if it is turmeric. I like things with that in. Those mackerel tins are very handy as I’m always on the go and it’s a good snack. Mackerel in chilli dressing on toast with marmite is fantastic.

Thanks for the tip.


oops. it was gordon ramsays frittata

and i missed out the smoked streaky bacon. you do the bacon first and then do the eggs in the fat from the bacon.

anyway if you’ve given it a go we’ll call it vegetarian frittata!