WTF - wheres the food?


just bragging about my improving cooking skills…

i made a savoury pumpkin pie today and it was delicious.

theres some left so if you want a slice i’ll send it by carrier pigeon.

maybe we could run a thread on food?

carole x


i would love some please BUT be warned its not pleasant in scotland tonight, it might get blown away (the pigeon AND the pie!)

ellie x

ps carer cooked 6hrs for me on mon so if u want owt from my freezer just holler…

saw the scottish weather on tv.

take care, keep warm, hey hibernate!!!

carole x

Oh yummy yum!! I made a pumpkin, chillie and coconut soup recently and was delish… Butternut squash soup nxt on list this week! Have gone all healthy and hearty!! Was either that or choccy!! Lol And my hips child bearing enough!!! =o) plus i enjoy cooking xx


roast the cubed pumpkin in a little oil. (open a bottle of red wine)

gently fry an onion until soft. (pour a glass)

chuck pumpkin and onion in a blender with parmesan, n utmeg and 3 eggs. add a few sage leaves or if unavailable use whatever fresh herbs you have. (pour another glass)

cook in a medium oven until set. (pour yet another glass)

enjoy the pie and finish the bottle.

carole x

Carole Are you actually adding this wine to the Pumpkin or drinking it? :smiley: hehe Sue x

i was drinking it hic!