jamie oliver rocks!

i’ve just made a meal that featured on jamie’s 30 minute meals.

chicken and mushroom pie - nice but not my favourite

mixed berries dessert - ooooh so delicious!

you really should try it

mixed fresh berries - i used strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries

sprinkled with elderflower cordial (don’t miss this out)

served with double cream whipped with 1 heaped tablespoon icing sugar and some vanilla extract

and shortbread

i’m not exaggerating how good this is. it truly is like giving your tastebuds an orgasm!

cheers jamie!

that sounds yum jamie!


Hey missis, are you trying to fatten me up when Im on a diet am having a hard time trying to cut out those lovely desserts!

Now savory dishes with that extra added weight loss receipe would float my boat.

Off to lick my plate,



yeh but berries are good for you bren!

this is a smiley bren licking her plate

you really must try it zelda

Hi Carole,

Sounds yum - My daughter made the thai fish cakes and salsa yesterday. really yummy.

Only problem is that his meals take much longer than he says - he has someone washing, chopping and weighing

for him.

Jen x