miss piggy

my appetite is rubbish usually but last weekend we went to my sister’s for sunday dinner.

she must be practising to go on masterchef.

i ate every last bit of the roast lamb, roast potatoes, mash, carrots and sprouts.

everyone commented and i felt so proud of myself.

this morning i went to the local hospital for an MRI.

there were loads of road works and diversions.

i ended up two towns away, stress levels gone through the roof and hands spasming,

i phoned the hospital and a very lovely receptionist sympathised with my traffic problems , told me i could still have my scan and then even met me to see if i was ok.

on the way home i realised that i was starving hungry, remembered that we had bacon and sausages that needed using up and decided that i would do bacon and eggs.

i have just eaten the most enormous fry up of my life. then a cream doughnut!

yeayy me! you are all invited to my trough when convenient to you!

Carole (aka miss piggy pigpen) xx

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Let me know what time Carole. Lol. Cherry xx

any time it’s open house for friends!

i don’t even have indigestion.

hope my appetite continues, i’d forgotten how much i like eating!

carole piggy pigpen


That roast sounds good Carole, my current piggy thing is Pink Magnums, they’re on spesh in Iceland, so my husband bought me 3 boxes earlier. I feel very content just knowing they are there and waiting or me

Sonia (occasional piglet) xx


the magnums look good on the advert but which one to choose?

i can’t resist espresso in any form but the pink ones look good.

a box of each then!


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Good for you two.

I have just put the pork in the oven for roast dins. Looking forward to a bit of crackling!! Lol.

It take a lot of hard work keeping my curvy look you know.

Have a great day.

Shazzie (AKA Mrs Piggy) especially on a Sunday.


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go on shazzie!

i’ve really missed enjoying food.

losing your appetite isn’t good at all.

now what shall we have this evening?


Well Piggy Pigpen

I’ll be so full up with pork roast that I don’t know if I will be able to manage anything else.

Now let’s see. I could hav a nice pork sarnie, with brown bread of course!! Don’t want to overdo it lol!!

Just thought. Miss Piggy won’t be too pleased with all this pork being consumed. Best think of another name me thinks. Lol!!

Curvy xxx

LoL - I thought “loads of roadworks and diversions” was a description of your MRI result!

When you think about it, that could be true as well, couldn’t it?

“What did your MRI show?”

“Oh, that there are loads of roadworks and diversions.” That’s MS, innit?



I’ve not had the expresso ones yet, looking good tho

Sonia x