What's for tea ?

Pea soup if he licks it off the kitchen walls !!! Oh boy, what a mess!! It would appear that the strength in my right arm is affected by the open would on the right of the collarbone and when trying to control a stick blender thingy, it all protests a bit too much and chucks a wobbly on me. Never mind, MrH was never that keen on pea soup anyway and would much rather have a Chinese takeaway !! Catherine Xx

hi catherine

takeaway sounds good to me!

take care of that collarbone

carole x

A no-guilt takeaway is particularly delicious. After all, you did your best to provide blamelessly healthy plain fare, so what’s a girl to do? Enjoy. Alison.

I know - simple. Mr.H does the cooking. Easy.

Yeah, right !! To be fair, he’s a good cook but he has just done a 14 hour day, so we’ll let him off !!

Hope you enjoyed the Take away. I’m sorry but I have this lovely image of pea soup flying everywhere that has made me smile. I hope none of it made it into your open wound. Take care Barney

I hope you put the stick blender in the washing up water to clean it up ha ha ha! Much less effort than cleaning it in the normal fashion. At least you haven’t lost your sense of humour, Catherine.

Hope you and Mr H enjoyed the takeaway.

Tracey x