Hello gang!

Just a quickie to wish you all well. Bit quiet on here so hope everyone is ok and not suffering too much in the heat.

Wondering what to have for tea? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cook and just give your order? Right now I would love to have someone make me a cup of tea… but I suppose it’s good to push yourself and make yourself do it. Ok, here goes…

Pat x

Hope you managed ok Pat. My husband works from home a lot now so he can do the family meals. I find it so much harder when he’s not here. I don’t cope very well in this weather. My legs and my left arm are so much worse. I don’t want it cold though - just right! I’m fairly picky! Take care, Teresa xx

Hi Pat

I like your idea of having a cook and we just place an order…sounds great to me.

We could even pretend we are royalty! and have someone to do everything.

Take care (especially in this heat)


Oh yes someone to do everything! I was watching old dvds the other day of Jeeves and Wooster. (If you don’t know them… set in the 1920s… Wooster is rich and Jeeves is his valet). I thought hey that’s what I need… a valet!!! Or I suppose the female equivilent, a lady’s maid…

Must be wonderful to have someone to look after you like! (but maybe not so great if you are the looker-after!)

Yes the heat… my legs are giving me trouble. Feels like the floor is electrically charged and legs are made of soft, wet sponge… yuk!

Pat x


Its not a cook but someone who will clear up afterwards, load and empty dishwasher, put the shoppig away, do the ironing.

Now I will have time to do what I want to do and not what has to be done.

That’s whatI want

Hi Patrick, yes that would be lovely! I do have a cleaner come in every fortnight and it is fantastic. Lovely after he’s gone and everything is sparkling clean and dusted, hoovered and clean bedding. I pay for it out of DLA so don’t know what I’ll do if I lose benefit when they bring in the new PIP.

Are you new on here Patrick? (excuse me if you’re not… terrible memory) but if you are, welcome to the gang!

Another lovely sunny day… I’m caught between not liking the heat but on other hand it’s so lovely to see the sun…

Pat x

Hi folks

The board is going to be even more quiet, I’m off for two weeks to do the the lazy what shall I have for breakfast etc with Jeeves and sunshine?? Now however I’m going to make myself a cup of coffee. Take care friends I will miss M

Where are you going??? Well wherever it is M have a wonderful, lovely, beautiful time.

Already miss you…

TTFN darling,

Pat xx

So there is a bit of life on the boards after all!

Glad to see a bit of chat…

B x

Hello Pat (PatB),

Yes I’m fairly new. Started using site in New Year.

Have you seen my website - www.aid4disabled.com - take a peek.

By having a cleaner I can spend longer playing around on the computer, spend time in the garden and play more bridge. Life os never that easy, if only…


Jeeves and Wooster what a coincidence! We were watching one of their’s on the DVD last night as there was nothing else interesting to watch for 1/2 hour…spent about 2 hours watching and laughing at them, and I felt so much better when I went up to bed last night…Highly recommended.

FAB website Patrick! I already got 2 ‘like’ clicks on my facebook page.

Very clean, professional look. I’m going back on to read the blogs.

Pat x

That is a coincidence… I found the complete box-set in mobile library. Live em!

Pat x

Hi Pat

Thanks so much for beng enthusiastic about it, Makes it all worth while.

Do keep looking it up, try to do news every day and blogs.

Its all abouty independence and a good quality of life