Escapades with a kettle

Hello all you lovely people,

For all of you who do not know me i am known as the domestic goddess, I have not been active on the forums as i have been fighting (and winning) breast cancer.I take a medication called Letrozole.(side effects, thinning of the bones in some people) I must be one of them because last week i was boiling a kettle of water and as i lifted it up “crack” a bone Scaphoid to be correct snapped. It was not very pleasant. We do ALL need to be carefull when lifting things to heavy. Then i knocked my front tooth out, well part of it. That was sorted today.Not to pleasant an afternoon. Later on i had to go and pick flowers for my mums funeral. That was so sad,very sad. The pain i carry in my heart is terrible and words cannot say how i feel. Mums funeral is on 24th of May. It is a day i am dreading. Sadly this is life and can come at any one time to any one of us. But i will get through all this. If any one of you are feeling down you will get through your problems to.

On a lighter note, my husband bought me a new 1ltre kettle.(sage by Heston blumenthal) It is so easy to use.

Thanks for reading my post,

domesticgoddess x

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Hi i am really sorry about your mum, i lost mine suddenly in 2016 she was 93, died sadly due to NHS issues. anyway i got over that slowly then i lost my husband october 2017 and still not go over that. It made my MS spiral out of control but i think finally i have managed to put it back on an even keel. I am sorry you are suffering so many things. I cant imagine breaking a bone by lifting a kettle. you can buy a TILT kettle they are really brilliant, or even a hot water dispenser so you just put your mug under the tap and have boiling water for your drink, you must stay safe. I hope it goes all ok for you and your family on the 24th. your mum is there believe me. I feel mine around me all the time and my dad who i sadly lost years ago now in 1997 seems an age ago now. I miss him all the time, but i have his picture on my coffee mug so he smiles at me everyday. when i feel down i just think of all the wonderful times i had with my beloved family. big hugs. xxxxxxxxxx