hard graft in the kitchen

i decided to try a vegetarian recipe.

sweet potato fritters.

step 1. grate a large sweet potato and 3 large carrots.

steps 2 to 6, carry on grating.

2 hours and some fruity language later my arms feel like i’ve been pumping iron in a gym, but i was pumping sweet potatos and carrots in my kitchen.

they were tasty (garlic and chilli in there) and nice and crispy but never again, never, not ever again!!

now i need a lie down and a double, nay treble, gin!

they’d be good for losing weight because i’m too tired to eat more than one sweet potato fritter.

time to pour that gin.

oops carole…

i spilled half a jug of boiling water on the kitchen floor today-bugger!

i havent got any gin!


Carole, full marks for persistence.

I have a big problem grating by hand so I do the grating bit on my Magimix. There are much cheaper devices to do it by machine these days but I bought my Magimix in 1994. I must have had a sixth sense. It’s so useful. Carrots and sweet potato are foods of the gods.

Steve x

thanks to all who replied.

Grandma - i know i should have boiled them first but - duh!

Ellie, hope it didn’t land on your foot. i always wobble when carrying a hot drink and usually end up with a scalded foot. i really must start using the rollator.

Steve - my food processor was relegated to the garage because we haven’t got much work top space.

maybe something else should go to the garage.

the fritters were delicious but way too much like hard work.

That sounds very labour intensive! When working out their calorific content I assume that you first deduct the calories used preparing them? By my estimation even with the fritters and the Gin combined they are still calorie free!

yes belle, love your theory! and with my appetite ruined i should be a stone lighter!

I’d like to know if there was any blood or shredded knuckle in the finished fritters. That’s what tend to happen to me if I grate anything!

Meanwhile, of course Belle is right, a definite zero calorie day.


no they weren’t vegetarian since i put some crispy bacon with them because i couldn’t be bothered cooking anything else for the 3 carnivores in the house.

of course i had a couple of rashers, it would be rude not to.

i’ve sent for a nifty gadget that grates stuff!

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Isn’t that also known as a husband?

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Where do you order these new husbands? There is nothing wrong with mine but it’s always handy to have a spare

sue, you obviously have man who can when it comes to being domesticated.

mine is a man who won’t!

just done a butter chicken curry for tomorrow.

it’s marinading in yoghurt.

the last line of the recipe said “cover and chill”.

put the lid on the dish and now i’m going to chill - beer, gin, single malt or wine, i think i deserve one of each!

Mine is a man who is capable of being taught. I have been very successful in teaching him to cook rather well. His gravy is fabulous.

I love butter chicken. And brought home a recipe from India which needs a bit of tweaking as it includes some things not available in the U.K. including mustard oil. Which is illegal as a cooking ingredient in the EU. (You can buy it for ‘external use only’) So as soon as I’ve mucked about with the recipe a bit, we will be testing out.

Chill well Carole. The bar’s open.


I too have a very good servant. He can be rather tight with his Gin pouring but a few choice words & he delivers a half decent glass. As for a husband swap, I really couldn’t inflict me on anyone else, that would just be too cruel. I’m already going to be stoking the fire for the mistreatment of Mr Dc, let alone some other poor victim.

My first thought Carole was you need a sous chef, to do the grating and peeling. My arm aches if I only grate a 5cm piece of root ginger. Delegation, thats the name of the game!!

hah! reddevine, call it physio, the more it hurts the more it does you good. i sent for an electric grater from amazon, it was supposed to arrive yesterday but at the last minute they didn’t have any! WTF!! sue i had to google mustard oil because i’m sure i’ve seen it somewhere. there was several including waitrose. tracey fez looks so innocent so he will not be joining you stoking the fire! crap it’s cold!!!

Mustard oil is OK and legal for ‘topical’ use. Just not for culinary purposes. It’s classed as an essential oil. But can be a bit incendiary if heated apparently.

Enjoy the butter chicken. I bet it’s fabulous.