Recipe from the one-handed kitchen

Stay out of the kitchen boy, there’s enough stuff in the freezer; piles of Tupperware filled with home-made meals.

Can’t help myself.

Try this:



Hi Steve That sounds delicious, in fact I could eat it now. Hope you are doing ok after your treatment and taking it easy. I see today Charlton are back in the championship and tomorrow we shall see if Villa go back to the premiership. I am already looking forward to the new season, and my youngest Grandson is keeping everything crossed for next weekend for Liverpool…sorry that must strike a chord with an Evertonian. Pam x

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Sounds yummy x

Thank you Steve , that sounds lovely, I’ve been vegetarian for nearly a year but that was something I used to order. Maybe I could put in fried halloumi cheese and cashew nuts maybe. I love salads . How are you doing anyway Steve, are you feeling better? Michelle and Frazer xx

Hello Michelle.

I’m still struggling to regain strength after the radiotherapy but my main problem is resting. I can’t. But I am getting there. phase three will arrive at the end of June which will probably be an operation.

Halloumi sounds great but it’s too much dairy for me.

Steve x woof

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It will take time to feel like your old self Steve , you keep us all inspired with your adventures and your recipes. Many of us on this forum think you are amazing! Lee does most of our cooking , hes very good . It’s been a bit challenging since I’ve gone vegetarian. Everyone else in the house is still eating meat . If I do make anything it’s usually got meat in it and I’ve not got any energy left to make a vegetarian option. I love simple food like beans on toast so it’s not really an issue . My friend gave me a lovely recipe for ratatouille, she also gave me a bag with all the ingredients and instructions, it was so kind of her. It was very easy to make and I loved it. Michelle and Frazer xx

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