Food therapy

This morning, my consultant surgeon informed me that I was to have three weeks of chemotherapy over six weeks.

Not my favourite type of therapy-he said my hair is safe.

Here’s my type of therapy; healthy and simple and tasty.


Thanks Steve , I’ve been a vegetarian for a whole year now. It’s been hard at times adapting especially cooking different for me often my energy is so low that good old beans on toast will do. Recently I made ratatouille, my friend had written the recipe down and sent a bag full of the ingredients . I was so touched by her kindness. I hope the chemotherapy goes okay Steve, I’m really sorry that you have to go through this I thought that the radiotherapy was all you had to go through, I was so relieved for you that it had ended. I’m sure that you will soldier on being your usual positive self . Take care Steve both me and Frazer wish you a speedy recovery Michelle and Frazer xx

Oh Steve. It’s just never ending for you isn’t it. I hope you don’t have too bad a time with the chemo. X

Sorry to hear there is more treatment to come Steve, but I am sure you will approach it will your usual positivity to get it done.

Take care aand hope it all goes well for you.

Pam x

Steve your positivity does you proud. I wish you well with the chemo. I too hoped you’d your radiotherapy would be all you needed. Your recipe sounds interesting. I can’t eat spicy food add I’ve got ulcers but have become quite adept at adjusting recipes. A couple of years after my ms diagnosis they found out I had Coeliac disease too so I have to eat a gluten free diet. Initially I thought that would be reasonably easy - no flour! I could do that. I was told to wait and see the dietician before I started but being me, I decided to research it. And boy was I concerned. It’s so much more involved. I spent hours going through my kitchen cupboards and then my grocery shop for the next few months took hours. So many foodstuffs have their ingredients written in such tiny writing I had to take my glasses and a magnifying glass. Cooking at home is really easy now but going out to eat, especially looking for fast food is a nightmare. But home cooking is the best, you can put what you fancy together. I just want to ask - why the chocolate in the chilli? I’ve never added chocolate to anything other than puddings. Please excuse my ignorance. Take care Cath x

Hello Cath.

The chocolate in chilli is a Mexican thing. It adds a mysterious depth. It doesn’t need much.

Steve x

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