Stage 1

Tunbridge Wells hospital has decent food. Yay. I have just had a bag fitted and now it is going to be 12 weeks of intensive radiation therapy before the removal of the growth. The 15 angry dwarves of Pembury have been pummelling my poor tum. Best wishes.


Well done for undergoing stage one Steve. Don’t worry about what the stoma looks like at stage one, it will shrink and smarten itself up aesthetically. And the bruising of your poor tum will ease.

Hopefully all the next stage will go well.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed. And my PM is always available to you.

Sue x

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Can’t believe this is happening to you Steve. Holding your hand, virtually,all the way. Take care of yourself x

Oh Steve, well done for completing the first stage, I am sure everyone on this forum are routing for you.

Take care sending you positive vibes and a gently (((hug)))

Pam x

Glad Stage one is over and done with. Bonus eh that the food is good. Hope you get a good night’s sleep. Sending gentle hugs. Anne

Wishing you all the best Steve.

J x

Aww Steve , bless you , you’re such a cheerful soul…No “poor little old me” (plom party) for you then, I’m glad the food is good. The last time I was in Countess of Chester hospital the food was awful …although it didnt help that it was Chicken casserole brought to me just as the poor lady in the cubical next to me had diarrhoea. I couldnt touch it. Are you home now Steve? It’s going to be an intensive 12 weeks for you. Knowing you , you will make an adventure out of it and tell us some funny stories. I hope it goes well for you Steve. Look after yourself and little Rose, i hope shes doing okay , shes only little isnt she. Love Michelle and Frazer xx

Sending lots of positive vibes and wishing you a speedy recovery. Take care. Sue x

All the very best Steve. Keep smiling and enjoy the good food and extra attention.

Lots of positive thoughts sent your way Steve.

Very, very best m’dear.


Wishing you all the best Steve.

Jan x

Get well soon, Steve.

I hope you’re giving those nurses the run around.


Been thinking about you, sending positive thoughts and gentle hugs to you.

Sonia x

Sending good thoughts and strength to you Steve…

Higgs x