More news-advice from experience would be helpful


My world is going haywire. Don’t worry, I’m not turning into Corporal Jones or Private Fraser but today was a day of significant news. I am currently dealing with it by constant busy beeness; hence the hour of this post.

I have cancer.

It’s in the lower bowel and very amendable; at a price.

I’m now looking at an operation followed by a bag for life. I’ve seen stoma mentioned on here before but if anyone has had this procedure, I would appreciate thoughts and observations. I would also appreciate feedback from anyone. Humour and puns encouraged; am I going to kick the butt of cancer?

This morning it was the consultant who took the biopsy so once more I was on the bench open-bottomed, feeling exposed.

Whilst I’m not relishing having an eighth hole created in my poor blubbersome regions, I know this will be a step towards keeping some kind of feasible existence.

Meanwhile, watch out for the blogs as I enter the realms of medical certitude. I always think that the neurologist with their inevitable retinue merely clutch at straws using their own experience to offer us suggestions, not answers.

Steve, looking ahead to a non-constipated future. Always seeking the positive.

Sorry to hear this Steve,as if MS isnt enough to cope with.I know Sssue on EL put a long post about her stoma op on EL,hopefully she will see your post and be able to offer advice about the op.Hope the op puts an end to it for you.

J x

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Steve I always think you are amazing, you tell us you’ve got cancer in such a matter of fact way . You really are a Super Hero, Your dignity, sense of humour and adventurous spirt are the Steve that we all know and love , you will get through this Steve , Thank you for sharing it with us. We are there every step of the way with you . Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi Steve

As if MS ain’t enough to deal with, jeez I fully understand if you want to shout, scream or swear, but all good positive vibes are winging it’s way to you from all your friends on here. Plus I am sure with your determination, strength and humour you can beat this Steve.

I have no experience with a bag for life personally but a neighbour in her mid eighties had one a couple of years back, and after her op and the specialist nurse giving her instructions she managed admirably, so I hope this little snippet of information helps you.

Take care, wishing you all the best.

Pam x


Hi and sorry to hear that news. There’s a really good post here, I hope it’s helpful x

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Hi Steve,

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, as if MS isn’t enough to deal with.

As Mrs J said Sssue has put a post on EL about her own experience and having a Stoma Operation which I’m sure will help you.

Wishing you all the best.

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes x


Steve Sorry to hear your news. Sending big hugs. Anne

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