The news

Hello good people.

I know it’s not THE news as we are all battling to some extent.

But I spent this afternoon in endoscopy with a tube/camera thing looking up my rear end. I had an enema first. It was hilarious. The resultant explosions extended into the tube time. The nurses and doctors were superb and reassured me that it was one of those things.

They found a lesion which is probably cancerous. The MRI would determine the size and operable aspect. I’m optimistic. I know several people who have made a full recovery.

Best wishes.

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hope all works out for the best Steve, hope they have found it and can deal with it. I had the same tube and camera investigations a few years back, the enema was very funny, did it at home a few hours before the exam, it was probably the “best” number 2 I have had for decades, the camera really showed me how clean in there it really was, a strange, funny and a little awkward experience.

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With a history of Colon cancer in the family, I’ve had the camera there too. At the time it felt like the Tripod and an entire camera crew went along with it…

Your positivity is admirable Steve. I’m sure all will be well. Keep us posted. x


Good luck Steve I had the camera last week but I didnt get told I had any nasties. Hope all goes well. X Don

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Hi Steve

Good luck hope it’s been caught early and it all goes well.

Your positivity will help I am sure, take care.

Pam x

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Hi Steve,

Good-Luck, hope everything goes well for you.

Twinkle Toes x

All the best Steve. MS doesn’t like Iodine. I’m having good results & refusing any medical help.

We live in a clueless society, where they pluck conditions out of thin air, just to prescribe medication & start messing.

Take it easy dude & treat yourself to a healthy steak dinner, before the GM vegetables take control.


Firstly, I hope you can continue to be so positive and wish you all the luck in the world

I’ve had two coloniscopies, I wish I could have had the enema option, despite the hilarity. I had to do the home prep thing which is vile, sore, and gag-worthy - truly, one can of consomme and pale liquids just cannot disguise the pints of vile Moviprep! Then there’s the need of moist toilet roll and vaseline. Dignity really does take a hike when you get ill.

They thought I had Crohns disease after the first one due to the ulcers near the terminal ileum… so after more tests, two years and another colonoscopy (no ulcers) they finally agreedm problems night be MS related. I truly hope your lesion isn’t as menacing as you think.

I hope you’ll keep us posted

Sonia x

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Just thinking about you today Steve, I’ve missed loads of messages recently , like the others have already said I hope it goes well for you …as if your ms isn’t enough to be coping with. Take care Steve …keep your adventurous spirit. Love Michelle and Frazer xx

Steve, I’m so sorry to hear your news!

I was diagnosed with lung cancer 18 months ago, there have been some rough patches but generally speaking we have coped and hope to continue along these lines for a few more years!

Take Care of yourself,

Nina x

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