I cannot be serious

Yesterday I went for my initial consultation.

Doctor: I’m going to examine you first.

Me: If you do that I will have to kill you or at least deploy my water pistol full of permanent ink.

Doctor (in witty tone):

What colour? Me: Pink with yellow spots.

Doctor (smug tone): You can’t do that with a water pistol.

Me: Twin barrels.

I didn’t actually say this; just thought it.

A lump has been found so it’s a case of strap myself down.


Hi Steve

Fingers crossed for you and hopefully it turns out to be an easy solution.

I love the humour, take care.

Pam x

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Your humour will help you.

Keeping my fingers crossed.


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Humour is a front Steve. Albeit a transparent one. Wishing you the very best with what comes next. X

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Hope everything turns out ok for you. I still have wobbles after every smear test, it’s so horrible what these things do to your nerves. Last thing any of us need, when we’ve already got so much on our plates. Sonia x

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Good luck Steve, hope it turns out to be fatty tissue! I will keep all extremities well and truly crossed for you.

It’s a horrible time for you, we had not long moved when my tumour was found.

Thinking of you, let us know how things go.

Nina x

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Hi Steve wishing you well. Sue

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Thank you for the good wishes.

Next Friday is the CT scan and the following Monday is the tubal examination/biopsy thing.

They should be telling me on that day.

I cheered myself up yesterday by going shopping before rolling to my local electrical shop to buy a frost free fridge freezer. I told them not to wrap it up as I would wear it home. It’s coming on Monday. And I’ve ordered a new phone. Maybe Everton might win on Sunday.

Best wishes.

best of luck with the tests Steve,hope things turn out ok.

J x

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Hi Steve,

I’m wishing you good vibrations in the key of Positive.

Best wishes,


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Hello Steve , hoping all will be well for you. Life is hard enough for us without complications. Take care Michelle & Frazer xx

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Hi Steve,

Sorry to hear that you’ve got more “stuff” going on, like you’ve not got enough to deal with already.

Keep hold of your humour as that will help you get through it :slight_smile:

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes x

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