Gotta laff!

My neighbours are all very excited as we are having someone come to speak to us at coffee morning on Friday… about bowel cancer.

Sometimes living here is a bit ‘Twilight Zone’…

Anyway folk, after Friday, if you ever need to know about bowel cancer, I’m your woman!

Pat x

(Of course bowel cancer isn’t funny at all… but I’m sure you can see funny side. Even 98 year old neighbout is coming and she never comes to anything!)

It shows how exciting our lives have become Pat when a talk on bowel cancer is a social event! Teresa xx

Well, it’ll probably be more interesting than a talk on 100 things you can do with broccoli ! Hilary x

Good to knowYou are my guru for MS and things to make you feel betterTake care M

hi, it`s odd, the way we can get excited over things we would never have thought of.

I can admire a nice looking wheelchair or

I can feel excited about going to the chiropodists. Except this week, she caused pain where there wasnt any!

luv Pollx