E coli

Well, I’m finally home.

Tip for the day:

After a stoma operation, try to resist the notion that you are totally unaffected and can easily transfer to your wheelchair despite being loaded with morphine.

This may well avoid the prolapse and subsequent repair operation and resultant e coli infection thus knocking you for six and prolonging your stay by 4 weeks.

Now for the 12 weeks of radio and chemo.

Best wishes.

Wow Steve. You have really been in the wars. I can’t imagine how rough you must have been feeling. Really hope you get through the next 12 weeks okay. Sending you every best wishes and gentle hugs. Glad you’re back home.

Omg Steve you really have been put through the wringer, but I am glad you are now back home, where you will be able to rest properly.

Go steady Steve don’t try to do too much all at once. Wishing you all the very best for the next 12 weeks, hope it all goes well, take care.

Pam x

It’s good to hear that you are back home at last. It must have been awful to get E. coli . Hospitals are full of germs , I bet you felt rough with that. I hope the next 12 weeks fly by and you are back to your adventures soon. Michelle and Frazer xx

I’ll try and remember that next time!!

i hope you are much happier at home, sitting comfortably in your chair, doing what you please without nurses coming and bothering you with their ‘obs’, drugs and fiddling about with different parts of you.

I do hope the next 12 weeks of radio and chemo go OK and you don’t feel too wretched. What a bugger the human body it when it goes wrong.

Sue x

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Radio is good; I would recommend Radio 3 and Radio 4 extra for light relief.


Thanks for the tip Steve.

I’ve written it in big letters on the walls of my WC. That way everyone will get to see your words of wisdom.

Best wishes,