Is it smug? Am I gloating? A bit of homework and adventurous family co-operation on the food front is still proving to be a real boost in what can be a rather wretched if tenacious existence.

Yesterday’s inexpensive Waitrose roast duck was a bit lacking in flavour but it was enhanced with fantastic roast veg-scrubbed one handed on a spikey thing. Today the remains were transformed with salsa, guacamole and creme fraiche in wraps. The creme fraiche helps adhere everything to the wrap so I can actually handle it.

Good food is a wonderful medecine.

Best wishes, Steve.


Well done Steve, it’s the little stuff that give so much pleasure. And as you said it’s nearly the end of January and the next thing will be its to hot duck ehh? Sounds good to me.

Well done Steve I am now officially envious.


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Steve I’m with you on the pleasure good food gives. Our eating habits have changed with my having ms. When I was working meals were usually something prepared quickly but now I go for things I can prepare early in the day and throw in the slow cooker or steamer. We still have the quick meals too, but with my daughter being older she wants to try new things as well. I enjoy cooking when I’m up to it but now that I’m not working we also have to watch the pennies a bit more.

I got an eye level fan oven which I can’t get used to after my ancient gas one so we’ve had some interesting burnt offerings. They’re testing me for coeliac disease at the minute and I’m praying so hard for it to be negative, the thought of giving up my food as well is so cruel!! I’m very jealous by the way, I love duck but have never plucked up the courage to cook it. Well done you for doing it.

Cath x

Hi Steve,

Love my food as well. Still love to cook but if I spend too much time with prep my left hand goes all iffy.

Nothing annoys me more than if I have spent ages cooking and I need my food cut for me before I can eat it.

At least I can enjoy eating still. I wouldn’t like it if my appetite went.

A nice meal and a glass of wine. Lives pleasures !!!

Mags xx

Hi Steve

Fooood! I’m like Homer Simpson. Love good fresh food. Luckily Mrs A loves cooking and looks after me a treat. We are well provided with farmer’s markets round here, and enjoy all the good things we can get. Once Ruth retired we used to go together, but it’s too much fuss for me now. When the weather picks up I must see if I can get back in the habit.