Positives, hope, tame that gorrilla, we are an amazing groupSo instead of a load of platitudes (and there are many, if you need them). Have a good day, be safe, make the most of what we haveM

Couldn’t have put it better. Am just having a good talk to myself and refuse to let this define me as a person. Am just going through the process of telling everyone and emphasising that I’m stil me, the person they know and love.

Have a lovely day yourself M.



Yes make the most of what we have!

Went out for lunch with my sister… lovely… blooming cold though! But lovely lunch… Turkish…

Hope you all doing well,

Pat x

Definitely make the most of it all girls. Turkish food Pat - intriguing. I don’t think i’ve ever tried it. What did you have? Teresa xx

Hi all

I agree…try to see the positive side of each negative , for example…

Today here has been b****y freezing…but dry, so you could get out

wrapped up warm.

Pam x

Hi Teresa, I had cabbage leaves stuffed with lamb mince and spices, and stuffed peppers also stuffed with lamb, and rice. They do great food.

Turkish food is well know for kababs… but they are a totally different beast to what you get in the usual kabab and chip shops. Really lovely small pieces of chicken or lamb cooked on a charcoal grill, served with rice and salad inc red cabbage. Very healthy and delicious… and is only about a fiver!

Loads of them here in north London. Spoilt for choice!

Pat x

Ooh that sounds really delicious Pat. North London appears to be the place for trying new things! Teresa xx

Hi I am new to this forum. I went out last week twice for lunch, 1 day with friends and 1 day to my old boss and his wife, I had a good time makes a change from sitting indoors all the time, the only thing later on I fell on my way to bed and had to call for the ambulance as I cannot get up due to my legs not working. Some days I will be fine and other days frustrating as i can,t do anything. I await your replies?

Hi Anon.

That’s the b****rd that is MS, wellcome to the gang. Some days are better than others, be safe and make the most of the good days. Did you want a load of platitudes?Chill babeM

Hi Anon, welcome to the gang…

It is a bu££er having a fall. Hope you ok now? It does vary by the day doesn’t it? Once heard MS called the Master of Surprises… HA you can say that again!

Nice to see you on here and come back soon,

Pat x

The best quote I read was first diagnosed is

I have MS - it does not have me

does it work - well that up to you

Take care x

Hello all, I am a newbie here too. I feel I am doing a virtual “knock knock” at the door of a meeting in progress. I hope you don’t mind me coming in and taking a seat. I have been recently diagnosed with PPMS, and I guess like many of us are, or have been in a bit of a state of mental upheaval over the reality of it all, and what the future holds. For me right now its about some dizzy spells, some visual focus issues, but in the main it is the random drunken stagger and one leg going between working sort of normally to refusing to have anything to do with me at all. Today was the first time it sank in that life is changing, missed an important train connection trying to get across platforms, I could see it but must have looked drunk or drugged to others trying to get there when my body refused to work suddenly. This event although trivial to other more serious sufferers has affected me quite badly and probably need some moral support from others with these kind of experiences. I thank you in advance for reading, Paul :slight_smile:

Hi Paul and welcome to our little gang…

Yes having ppms is certainly a challenge. I have had periods of dizzy spells but right now I am without them… so remember even with ppms things can come and go. And the train event does not seem at all trivial to me. It’s exactly this type of thing which is so hard to deal with because our perception of ourselves is suddenly pulled from under us. Very hard to cope with.

It is a HUGE mental upheaval at first… but you know, it does get easier. Ok so to be honest it’s not easier all of the time, but it does get easier for lots of the time. You get to know your own MS… or gorilla as we sometimes call it here… and know what you can do and what makes it worse.

This is a great place to come and realise you are NOT alone!!! We all know what you’re going through Paul. Hang on in there and come here for friendship, advice, a rant, a cry or a bloody good laugh (which we are very good at!)

So welcome aboard and very happy to have you!

(You’ve posted at the end of a another post so I’m going to post to let people know you’re here. Next time, to start a new post, hit the ‘new thread’ button ).

Try to take things ‘one day at a time’ Paul. Don’t think ahead of your MS… in other words don’t wonder what your life with MS will be like in the future. It’s different for everyone and we have some very long term ppms’ers on here… one was dx 40 years ago… and still living their lives as independent, dynamic people.

Look forward to seeing you again,

Pat x

To Paul,

Welcome to the gang, I know it has been said before but do take one day at a time. Also allow yourself extra time to do jobs, shopping and keeping appointments. One thing I have learnt is that my body does not like to be rushed, in fact it rebels if I try to go faster than it wants. It sound like there is two of me, well in a way there is, but I read somewhere when I was first dx. Ihave MS but MS does not have me.

We have to adjust our lives to cope with MS, but I think you will find that when you get used to ‘taking your time’ you will see life through a different prospective. If I do too much walking while shopping, I find a seat and watch the world go by, people watching can be very relaxing.

I came on PPMS site soon after I was dx, and here there is always a person to listen to your moans, and give you advise from experience, I found it a great comfort.

Take care, Wendie x

Welcome Paul. You are amongst friends here…folk whether diagnosed with MS or not (your`s truly) and we do our best to support each other.

Like Pat, I certainly dont think of your train thing as trivial…not a bit of it!

Anon. Welcome to the site too. I hope you are recovered from the fall. When I have a medical appointment, I always say, well it`s a run out!

One of my best mottos is, `I may be broken, but Im still here.

You can borrow that one, if you like guys!

luv Pollx

I borrowed this a while ago Poll thank you It basically sums us up nicely.



Hi folks and welcome Paul, we are the gang with a lot of good advice, and hope…Take care M

Hi Paul - welcome to the Forum. We know how you are feeling right now. You need to take everything day-by-day in order to get your head round things. Remember we are here to listen if you need support or just want to rant and rave. You are still you - don’t forget that. You just need to make adjustments to your life to accommodate this MonSter. Teresa xx

Thank you everyone and Happy Christmas. There have been some really warm greetings since I joined the forum. Teresa, that’s what makes this so nice to pop my head in here, you all know what’s going on. Thank You, Paul

Happy Christmas Paul… glad to have you in our little gang.

Pat xx