Life's good

Hi everyone. I’m on a high at the minute, my local council have approved my grant for my clos-a-mat (I think that’s how you spell it), it only took about two weeks for the decision and I’d expected months. And I’ve got a little job, voluntary, in a charity shop. It’s only 3 hours a week but that’s enough. I thoroughly enjoyed my first shift. I was totally knackered afterwards, legs, feet and hips were really painful but next time I won’t wait until I need to sit down, I’ll sit between customers. It was just nice feeling useful and interacting with the staff and public. I was very surprised and quite saddened by the number of older people who seem to come in as they’re lonely and just need a friendly face to chat to.

Things are falling into place, I’m getting a new routine and it’s a really good feeling. I hope you’re all well, it’s raining here but I’m not letting it get me down. Take care.

Cath xx

Hi Cath, well what an uplifting and positively happy post. It’s not all bad news we have afterall and it’s great to read that you’re picking out the good bits of life and grabbing every second.

Thanks Cath, I’ve enjoyed your post so much x

Great news, Cath! Cheered up a rotten morning for me, thanks.

Great news, Cath! Cheered up a rotten morning for me- thank you.

Hi Cath, Great news! So pleased for you. I am not going to say don’t overdo it, I am sure you know that yourself. It will be just the tonic for you and helping the community at the same time. What’s not to like. Babysitting my grandson today, the last time before my daughter goes on maternity leave. Love him to bits but I am always knackered after, but it’s a good knackered. Take care, Mags xx

Morning Cath, Well done for getting life on an even keel. I really hope it works well for you. Nina x

Well done Cath! Great news all round! Pat xx

Super newsM

Thank you. I just feel that my life is sorting itself out. After my failed house move and all the work done to this one instead, the unpacking of all our belongings, getting it all decorated I’ve been upside down since December. I’ve still got to get new carpet and I’m getting myself together for it (took last of empty boxes to the tip on Friday). I’m on my ms course, my dad has recovered from his operation for prostate cancer and doing well. After a rough six months the sun is shining on me figuratively and literally. Just Jen’s GCSE’S to finish now and her stress levels will drop too.

She’s decided we should now move to a log cabin in the woods - very beautiful but I’m not considering anything remotely like moving for at least another 12 months. Thank you for your lovely comments, I hope you all feel as good as I currently feel.

Cath xx

Brilliant Cath, may the sun continue to shine down on you. It’s great to hear good news.

Good luck to your daughter with her GCSE’s.

Pauline xxx

Great news I must say I need some good news, went to the dentists a day early but they got me in OK. Watched film with some mates tonight one is the vicar and we get together once a month for a boys night Chinese meal and DVD . So I had good day as well, can’t have you getting all the fun. It sounds good about the job and yes the come in because the are lonely. I used to go to church to chat with the lonely, so many satellite families now a days they may not chat to anyone all day. Nice for you to get out and see some different scenery. Did you buy anything? Don

Wonderful news Cath

Sonia x

Don your arrangement sounds good too. I enjoy dvds too and just watched Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks, very good. I bought my daughter a DVD box set of The Chronicles of Narnia as our discs have been watched and left out of their boxes so often by her that I’m surprised they’re still playable. She knows them word perfectly but it doesn’t stop them being played over. She was over the moon, this set is apparently different to the ones we have so even better.

Glad things are looking up for you Cath.

I’m pretty uppish as well at the moment; due in no small part to the glorious sunshine. Must be all the extra vit d.

I’ve always been a grumpy old sod between November and May, but do perk up when the sun shines and there’s cricket on the tv.

Hi Catch

Brilliant news, so glad things are on the upp for you, long may it continue.

Pam x