Hi again Everyone.

Just a positive bit of news. The insurance company rang me today after almost 10 months of hassle to tell me that I do meet the criteria to qualify for my critical illness policy. I’m not going to relax until the money is in the bank after their service to date but I can breathe a bit easier, it helps too with the chest tightness subsiding.

Then the OT came to assess me and I’m going to get all the help I need. Isn’t it sad that nobody took me seriously until this fabulous Neuro and now I have a diagnosis, ms nurse, continence nurse, OT and can get all the help I need.

Moral of the story - MS is not a great diagnosis but you don’t have to be left to get on with everything on your own like I did when I just had a spinal cord injury. And keep fighting if you have insurances even if you’re the little man against a huge company.

Life gets better people. Enjoy your weekend, I know I will.

Cath xx

Great news on all fronts Cath! Teresa xx

Yippee indeed :smiley: have a fab weekend, you deserve it :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Cath I am so pleased for you, hope it won’t be too long before the money is in your account. It’s been such a horrible struggle for you…I’m really hoping you’ll begin to feel better now that you can relax a little. Hope this means you won’t have to move house now and that you can have a well deserved rest. Nina xx

Congratulations :slight_smile:


That’s such fantastic news Cath!

Well done for hanging in there… and hopefully the chest tightness has gone for good now that the stress is on it’s way out.

Hope that money lands in your account very soon,

Pat x

Thanks Everyone.

I’m still planning on moving but at least now I have a better budget and can afford decent carpets etc. My current home is 100 years old with no cavity walls, and a curved staircase that I find difficult to manage. It’s got all the problems an old house is known for and I love it but unfortunately can’t keep on top of it all now. Some new affordable houses are on the market nearby and they’ll be better now. Anyone looking for a lovely little old home in the Lake District?

Cath xx

So pleased for you CathM

Brilliant news Cath, so pleased for you.

Pam x