normal lumbar puncture result ,critical illness insurance

Hi All
After a couple of months we now have the results back and they are clear , which is fab !! Neuro has said the possibility of another attack are far less. He has said its MS ,so why do I feel that this result although great , still hasn’t really crossed the I’s and dotted the T’s . I’m so happy she won’t have to go through that again ( not soon anyway) I worry about her and what may happen and also celebrate the fact she’s ok at present . She still has symptoms , slurred speech ,on occasions , no feeling in leg and grip goes occasionally ,which I’m more aware of .We have been advised to contact our insurers about our critical illness policy is that right?

Sorry, but I can’t remember the details. If your wife has been diagnosed with MS, then your critical health insurers should pay out, but there may be small print that scuppers that - you’d have to check. If, as I suspect, she’s only had the one attack and the neuro can’t officially diagnose her, then I wouldn’t think it is covered, but again, you’d need to check the small print - perhaps they count permanent symptoms from CIS? Karen x

Thanks Karen : )