Neuro visit

Hi, am off to see a new neuro at 3.30 this afternoon. Am armed with a diary of symptoms that ive had over the last 3 months and a history of problems over the past few years that i have obtained from a report sent to a life insurance company from my GPs ( without my consent ) am feeling really nervous for some reason, am hoping for better results than i got from the last, non helpful, neuro i saw back at the begining of sept. Well here goes. x

Good Luck Hope it goes well,let us know how you got on! Teresa xx

How can they have sent a report to your insurers, “without your consent”? Are you sure you didn’t give some sort of blanket consent, when you applied for the policy/made the claim? (Check the small print on the form.) Normally the insurers have to present proof of your consent (a signature) to the GP before they will release anything. Admittedly, it’s a bit of a hollow consent, because without it, they won’t insure you or process any claim anyway, so what choice do you really have?

Nevertheless, at some point, you should have consented. If you’re absolutely positive you haven’t, it’s a very serious breach of confidentiality, and you need to complain.

Sorry this doesn’t help with the neuro appointment. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

I’ve just realised you will have already set off by now, so I hope it has gone OK.

I usually find I get all psyched up over nothing, and then am in and out in two minutes!


Well visit to neuro yesterday went ok i think. Was told they are 95% sure its MS but wont confirm it 100% until I have a 2nd ‘big attack’. One lesion on brain is marginally larger than in March but some are faded. VEP clear, LP clear, MRI with contrast shown no active lesions. A letter will be sent to my GP to suggest meds for dizziness and pins n needles. So im still classed as “probable” but im happier because they didnt seem too concerned and are given me meds for symptoms. I will go back in 6 months for another MRI and neuro visit. But for now I carry on as normal and take things step by step

And theresa Im sure I didnt give consent and have already been to see the surgery manager who has apologised prefusely, that being said the insurers wouldnt cover me for critical illness just life insurance.x

Hi…hope everythign goes well for you!! Was just enquiring about your dizzy spells? I have them at the moment but dr thinks its from a cold i had and now thinks i have labrinthytis?

sooo weird! x

Sounds like progress, so good news :slight_smile:

I hope the meds work really well for you.

Karen x