Chopping Advice Needed

Hi, I’m having problems now gripping a knife to chop fruit and veg. Can anyone recommend a product/device I can use instead? I recently bought a Vitamix blender to make smoothies, soups etc., and although the demo showed it blending whole apples, you need to be able to push them onto the blades with the tamper and I don’t always have the energy to do that when I’m concentrating on standing up and keeping my balance in the kitchen. I really need to chop the apples, carrots etc., up first, then put them in the blender. Thanks in advance, Heather

Hi Heather

If you look on the websites or in shops that sell aids for disabled people you will see knives with large handles that you grip in your fist and they are supposed to be easier to use… They also sell chopping boards with spikes to hold onto the veg which should help.

Tracey x

A saddle stool might be useful when preparing food in the kitchen, as you sit quite high and can move around on wheels. Just a thought.

I would think a food processer would do the trick? It has various attachments for cutting, chopping and slicing. Pricey though, for a good one.

We used to use one in work and it’d have stuff chopped up in seconds.

I spent too much on a cut proof glove before I fell in love with the Big Jungle.It worked very well when I was still using it,and I’ve still got all 13 fingers to prove it.

Wb x

Like whammel, my idea was to suggest a chair so you could sit down in the kitchen. I have a computer type chair in the kitchen, it’s on wheels so I can move about a bit. I stand if I’m workin at the sink, like preparing veg, then sit to do everything else, until I need to stand again. Cheryl:-)