The tremor in my right hand means it is getting really difficult to pick up, hold and use a knife. Does anyone know where I can purchase some cutlery with, for example, large easy grip handles? I am in the Glasgow area. Are there any good shops around or should I look online? Thanks. 

Hi all !!

I'm in the same boat as GERRYD, so would be most interested in any advice?

I'd be particularly interested in any online suppliers as my geographic location is nowhere near Glasgow blush

Many thanks to all and best regards,





Your OT or MS nurse [if you have one] - they should be able to supply items like this for your comfort and safety.

Try this link:

If you put 'cutlery for disabled' in google you will get lots of links... but agree with other post, if you contact Occupational Therapy through your local council you will probably be supplied items for free... on other hand, if you can afford it, buying it will be quicker.

Pat x

I agree with Campion, Get in touch with your OT or MS nurse as you should not have to pay for these sort of things


Hi, I have the same problem with my left hand and cannot hold a fork properly (have no feeling and tightness in all fingers). We looked in the disability living catalogues and thought the ones with spongy handles looked ok but after reading reviews that said that they were difficult to keep clean and hygienic, changed our minds. I found some cutlery in Next at Home which has much larger and thicker handles and being purple (handles) which is my favourite colour, thought we’d give them a go!

As well as being able to use the fork to eat properly I also don’t feel any different from the rest of the family which is great.