Help with cutlery please

My dad is 95 and has peripheral neuropathy in his hands. He’s struggling to use cutlery. Can anyone suggest some reasonably chunky and lightweight ones?


There are loads of online companies who can sell you various types of cutlery. (For example: Eating Aids : Complete Care Shop but there are many others.)

Does your Dad have an occupational therapist? If so, they should be able to provide some cutlery for him to try out, then they can give him exactly what he needs. If he doesn’t already have an OT, you could ask your dads GP for a referral, either direct to an OT or to a community neurology team which includes OT services.

Personally, I dislike the huge size of adapted cutlery, so I wrap elastic bands round smaller cutlery. It suits me better. This is why you need to get some help with exactly what is needful.

Best of luck.


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Many thanks, Sue. I don’t think he’s got an OT but he’s just been assessed by social services so we’ll see what happens when that’s reported. He doesn’t have MS, it’s me that has. Anyway many thanks for the reply. I’ll go online and see what I can find.

Another option is ‘Dysem’ strips added to cutlery, I know it’s a brand name and there might be generic alternative s available. It was suggested to me by my MS nurse along with something bought from a DIY shop maybe someone knows what I’m talking about it’s a tube you put on pipes very thick and light.

If you buy some foam to make things easier to grip make sure it is not too big. The complete care shop are my lifeline as I can’t wait for small inexpensive items. Dycem you can buy by the roll . If you need things now it’s the best I know of for fast delivery. Good luck xxx

Hi I bought some handles from a mobility shop the handle of the for knife etc go into handle giving a thicker shaft to grip but the ot will have a better range off cutlery to suit