Hi, My husband has had PPMS for 25 years and has many symptoms, the one we are struggling with at the moment is trying to feed himself , by the time he has got his food to his mouth it has fallen off the fork as his hand is shaking so much, he already uses his left hand as his right hand is useless, does anyone know of anything that might help, we already use special utensils and crockery.

thank you for any help.

Hi Sam, I know there is a spoon/fork designed for parkinson’s patients that stabilises when used. It’s a GYENNO, have a look on the National Tremor Foundation website as well. Their about £30, but if it helps it’s worth the money. Tracey x

Hi Sam

Like your husband I have a very annoying tremor annd the neuro put me on Propanalol, which does help to a degree but doesn’t completely alleviate the problem.

Maybe worth having a word with your neurologist, MS nurse or gp.

Pam x

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Thanks both for your comments, unfortunately the Gyenno spoon costs £200 or more , the replacement spoons cost £30 but will seriously think about it .

Sam could Occupational health help with the gyenno spoon?

Jan x

Is occ health the name I’m looking for? I mean the people who help with everyday living in your home

Occupational therapist maybe :slight_smile:

Jan x

Hi All,


Well, we splashed out and bought a Gyenno spoon from Amazon, yes very expensive but I think it’s going to be worth it, it does what it says , just having to get used to holding the handle in the right position which is challenging at the moment, he’s only had it two days but at least he is able to get the food in his mouth.

thank you all for your comments and help

I’m so glad Sam, my Dad’s got Parkinsons, he can now eat confidently, made the world of difference to him. Sure he’ll get the hang of it very soon, Dad uses it like a pro now!! xx