Struggling to feed

Wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this.

My mum has pretty much given up fighting her ms and it has very much taken over her physically and mentally. She is finding it difficult to feed herself. In the respect that actually lifting her fork or spoon takes a lot of effort. I am torn between feeding and help whilst also encouraging her to do some as I don’t want her to lose the ability to do it. Tonight I fed her most of her tea because I couldn’t bear to see her struggle I don’t want my mum to give up and I don’t want to either but in many ways I feel like it’s a losing battle bit by bit its taking more of my Mum. I am thinking at some stage it may come to the use of feeding tubes, which horrifies Mum and me if I’m honest. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Can social services amend care packages to allow carers to help with feeding if she is not in residential care?

Hi Manc lass, sorry your mum is struggling so much. Can I ask is she having swallowing problems as well? It’s a vicious cycle with poor nutrition in respect to enhancing fatigue which could also be hindering her ability to feed herself as well as the disabling effects of MS. Does she have adapted feeding utensils & crockery?. I believe that if your mum is receiving home carers you can request through social services that they are required to help with her assisted feeding. This may not be provided if her carers are from an private agency & needs to be discussed with the manager to see if this can be arranged. I do know that some do expect them to aid in feeding if help is needed. Get in touch with social services, carers should be assisting in feeding & preparing simple meals although if mum does have swallowing difficulties she will need assessing in regard to possible choking etc. It will be referred to a Dietician. It doesn’t necessarily mean she will need PEG feeding it may be she just needs her nutritional intake addressed & diet advice. Get onto social services or Dr so they may pass on a referral asap. Hope this helps Tracey xx