Nasty lingering smell


I bought a slow cooker to help with my fatigue. The plan was my meal could be left to cook in the morning and then i could enjoy it later in the day without having to check up on it. In theory thats worked but the smell and taste makes me feel so sick. The smell lingers in the house and on my clothes and the food tastes so different. Im going back to conventional ways of cooking but wondered if anyone else has found this with slow cookers.

Thanks Christine

Can’t stand the things them that have them swear by them I had one made soup in it witch was disgusting never used it again

I agree, the smell is horrible

I’ve just put one on my Christmas list I thought it would also be a good idea make a large batch and freeze what’s left , I’m not really a big one for kitchen gadgets but my sister in law says it’s fabulous.

Shame you can’t try before you buy on these things.



Hi Katy,

Ask your sister in law if you can taste some of the food first. It could be that i due to ms i am over sensitive with taste and smells.

For me its been a wasted £44.00.


Love mine but rarely have enegy to prepare the veg etc for a big pot full.

I always used it on low but did find if on med or high the food could get overcooked if on too long…up to 14 hours on low setting.


I swear by them. I know some people swear AT them but we are cooking a chicken in it for Sunday lunch tomorrow.

Sausage casseroles com out beautifully an so does a leg of pork.

Excellen things.

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It maybe my sense of taste and smell with the longer time food is cooked for.

We had chicken yesterday and i can still taste and smell it, its not the nice smell that comes from conventional ways of cooking though.

Soup maker now there’s a useful gadget half an hour and a smashing batch off soup whole or blitzed

Husband who prepares wonderful food with appropriate instruction. That’s my replacement for all types of kitchen devices. And it doesn’t smell horrible.


before my diagnosis i thought slowcookers were fab but now they are disgusting.

it’s really weird how everything turns out strange.

so who’s for curry and chips?

carole x