Well that was clever - not!

I’ve just been making banoffee pie and when it came to pouring the crushed biscuits into the melted butter my eyes saw that, if I kept pouring, the biscuits would spill over the edges of the bowl, my brain even registered that this would happen.

So how come I still ended up cleaning up spilled biscuit from all over the hob?!!

Oh well, could have been worse, could have been the sticky toffee bit!

i once sieved my lumpy gravy and ended up with all the lumps safe in the sieve and all the gravy down the drain.

and that was before i had ms doing bad stuff to my brain!!

carole x

Hahahaha… the other day I wanted some garlic for a sauce. Got the cutting board out. Took the skins off the garlic cloves. Scraped the lot into the bin. Hunted for a few perplexed minutes for my missing garlic.

Pat x

pig pen I did that with stock I was making for soup lol

ha ha ha!

we’re a right bunch of michelin starred chefs!!!

carole x

More like Faulty Towers, lol. The banoffee pie was lovely though and no calories, honest. :smiley: