cake anyone?

i baked a cake and was really looking forward to it.

as soon as i got it out of the oven i had a piece but it tasted strange.

i asked my son if he thought it tsted strange.

he said “its ok but could have done with a bit more sugar in”


so now its called diet cake.

i must have a lesion on the following a recipe part of my brain.


Never mind, take comfort in knowing you are not the only one. My dear Gran made coffee and walnut cake or rather what she thought would be coffee and walnut cake. It is now called Bisto cake in our family. I’m surprised she did not smell the difference!

no sugar = no guilt in eating it.

Its Lent - I’ve given up cake - no other reason for passing - honest


its not so bad if smothered in lurpak!

not so low calorie either

I made a cake yeaturday carrot, sultanas gluten free flour, rapeseed oil, honey, thought it would be really good. Tasted horrid forgot the egg so ur not alone xx

Awwww. Just suck a sweet while you are eating it!!! I bet it tastes nice anyway.

Shazzie xx

I started weight watchers last week - sounds like my sort of cake at the moment! Sue x

perhaps i should spread some jam on it.

even my husband said yuck! cheeky blighter.

dinks i like your grandmas bisto cake!

I love cooking however baking I stay firmly away from disaster. Though I uses to work for a food manufacturer whose cake mixes for bakers. I can honestly say tasting cake for a living is such a hard job

Drizzle condensed milk on it

what a good idea seenjo

i’ll get some condensed milk tomorrow

Made this mistake myself, use it as pudding and add fruit and custard.


How can it ever be a mistake to leave out sugar?