I should be grateful... cakes

My neighbour makes fantastic cakes, carrot/chocolate… I think she has adopted me, I should be grateful but weight gain is omnipresentThen I thought about Pat with her cold and feeling poorly so guys I am going to have a coffee AND a chunk of carrot cake!! Take care, be safe, what a way to goYumM

Oh sweetheart that is so nice of you… bet they are yummy and hope you enjoy every single bite.

Weight gain… umph. Let’s not even go there.

My cold has gone but has left me with weak legs (weaker than usual!). So another day at home for me. Hey ho. Friend coming over and she’s going to get us a takeaway and I’ll give her my library card to get us a dvd.

I’ve got the song ‘Wide eyed and legless’ in my head… but are those really the words? Anyone?

M I can almost taste that cake. YUM!

Love ya, Pat x

Yes, the words are right! I`ve just got a cd of franki valli and the 4 seasons.

I love their music! you know the song, Lets Hang On ?

Well it is really a song about coffee.

What? I hear you ask.

here are the words

Lets hang on to what we got,

dont let go girl we got a lot.

got a LATTE love between us…

get it?

luv Pollx

Home made cakes - you are so lucky M! I particularly love carrot cake. Sorry you have felt poorly Pat. I have been out of circulation for a few days as my Internet has been down but i’m back now! Teresa xx

sorry to hear you have not been well Pat, we should get a break from all other illness we have enough with MS.

Yum carrot cake that is a favourite of mine too, but like you say seems to stick to the hips, ah well

managed a trip to Marks and Sparks today now thats a MS I like no love, so have stocked up on choc biscuits and treated myself to a couple of cakes. Enjoyed them with a cup of tea and in my mind ran a couple of miles to make amends for the cake. Now enjoying watching the Royal British Legion and hopefully if my legs are up to it going to the local park and taking my young grandson to see the soliders.

Hope you all have a good weekend


Thanks guys! Nice to see you back Teresa!

Mark, hope you got to the park to watch the soldiers. I watch the ceremony on tv. Always very moving. Reminds me of my grandfather, Pop. He was in the trenches in WW1. Gassed. Survived but never got over it. A darling man.

Much better thanks. In fact back to normal… ie only dealing with MS symptoms and not anything else!!!

Went out for lunch today and whizzed around on my scooter. Felt so good to be out in the sunshine… was mighty chilly though!

Enjoy you Sunday eve… I miss Downton Abbey!!! (I know it’s rubbish but I love it anyway )


Pat x

I love Downton Abbey too and will be pining for it until the Christmas one is on! Ever so glad your cold is better Pat. Just the MS to deal with then - easy peasy, eh? Teresa xx

I forgot to say that the cake was yummmyTake careM


Lovely sunny day here in London. I’ve got my scooter on charge and am hoping to get out for a while (although it’s 12.15 and I’m still not dressed… but hey I have had a shower AND made my bed so not doing too badly!).

Dealing with mega constipation at the moment (sorry should have given ‘bowel issues’ warning!). Two senna pills last night, dried figs, porridge and strong coffee have had minimum effect!!! Bet my cotton socks that it will all kick in when I’m out on scooter!!! (thank heaven for Radar key and handy disabled loo in shopping mall)

Love to all,

Pat xxx

Hi everyone,

All this talk of cakes I just had to give in, so in Tesco

yesterday bought doughnuts and we had them with a

lovely cup of frothy coffee…yum yum.

Hope today is being good to you all, and for all the footy

fans (or is that only me!!) enjoy the England match tonight.

Pam x

Sugar free Polo mints act as a lac***ve, so too does sugar free chewing gum. All of these are for consumption not insertion!!!Prunes? Also for consumption DO NOT blame me if you get these instructions wrongTake care,M