Weight be damned

With all our problems we also have weight issuesI was feeling like a ‘tasty bite’ no, no no, chocolate!! Damn it, b£££er it, yes, yes yes. I had a snicker sudden energy boost, I know it’s empty calories, but they were lovely. If only we could shareI think we need a chocolate smileyI was saving myself for my 2 nights away, thinking if I behave I’ll fit into this and that, huh! I’m off to Marks for a bigger size, I give you ‘weight be damned’ and I will be having 'tasty bites, bigger sizeM

Oh I love it M! Sometimes chocolate is ESSENTIAL to keep us sane!!!

My lovely 98 year old neighbour is Roman Catholic and the other day she told the priest that she yearns for chocolate but thinks that eating it is a sin.

This wonderful man told her that it is not a sin at all and it is her body telling her that she NEEDS chocolate and therefore she should eat it!

I’m not religious but I think that priest is wonderful for saying that!

Yes we need a chocolate smiley. Tech Team please note!!!

Have a good weekend M… hope you find some lovely clothes in Marks… I’m going out later and will buy chocolate… actually does anyone buy that chocolate from Oxfam called Divine??? It really is divine!!!

Pat xx

I agree, if you fancy some choc, then have it and b****r everything

else, a little of what you fancy does you good.

I so hope the IT team take notice Pat of your request for a choccy

smiley, I definitely second that. A bunch of flowers in

anticipation of them doing it!!!

Have a good weekend everyone.

Pam x

I always home in on the posts about chocolate! Go for it M - if it gives you a boost. It’s magical in that way. That priest i’s an excellent man! Good for him! Look after yourselves guys! Teresa xx

Body Dismorphia.

I must have that as I bought some large size leggings and they would do for Simon Cowell…up round me boobs.

cant return em as ive worn one pair.

luv Pollx

Chocolate is essential to life, end of. So enjoy yours M.

Toffee crisps are my downfall, I allow myself 1 a week. In between times I hide them behind the tv in the kitchen, out of sight out of mind and do manage to forget about them!!!

Hilary x

you guys, see you Wed. this site is as addictive as … you guessed, chocolateor moreish with no calories!!! Be safe, M

Have fun… (that’s an order!)

Pat x