Help....Gone off chocolate!!!!

I have been a chocoholic all of my life and had noticed that recently none of my previous favourites have been hitting the spot. I put it down to manufacturers changing the recipe perhaps or maybe me being out of sorts. Anyhow today I received a couple of boxes of chocolates as gifts and not only do I not fancy them but the thought of them makes me feel a bit queasy! Thinking more about it I am finding that I am finding it harder to find things that I really fancy to eat in general and am often disappointed when I eat something that I am expecting to enjoy.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I have tried doing some research but can’t find anything linking a change in taste with MS.

Hmmm, different drugs can make your tastes change.

MS itself doesn’t normally.

But just because I’ve not experienced or read about it doesn’t mean it can’t be a symptom.

Maybe it’s just temporary?

Is it all chocolate? Like would a fine chocolate truffle be off limits? Or a malteser? Or a square of Lindt? Or anything?


I am not currently on medication and in theory I love all of the above however I keep buying different bars that I usually enjoy and they end up languishing in the cupboard as when I eat them they just don’t deliver! It is very disappointing as I ordinarily love chocolate, I hope it’s temporary. I might lose some weight though so I suppose its not all bad!

i’m hooked on dark chocolate after being a cadbury’s dairy milk fan all my life.

keep on trying because somewhere out there is a chocolate made just for you.

now if i go off my gin i’ll be worried!

It’s just saturated fat and sugar, with no food value, so hardly a loss. Try a nice herring instead.


No not my Gin! I have just been given two bottles as gifts. I have a lovely bottle of Brockmans (I tried it at the Gin festival in Blackpool last year and it was gorgeous) and a mulled gin liqueur (never tried that) to add to my growing collection!

Mmmm yum!!!

hiya as i have been mentioned a few times in this thread?! i thought i would reply! my name was chosen because my gran gives me a choc orange every christmas! i dont eat them weekly but yearly! re taste and smell-i lost that ability resulting in losing 5 stone. at its worst i was eating tuna which i dislike but it was in the cupboard so used it up! now i do have it sometimes as a test of my senses. was my birthday couple of weeks ago and choc is still untouched-but this has been a wee reminder its still there! everything in moderation-even tho it might only be yearly lol! ellie

MS can affect your sense of taste. I know because it happened to me. Fortunately it was a relapse and I was back to normal after a while. Hopefully you’ll get back to enjoying chocolate eventually, Belle.

Gran, you’re not the only one who’s switched to dark chocolate. We were brought up with Dairy Milk. I now prefer dark chocolate, especially if it’s slightly bitter.

Slightly off the subject, I can understand that a change to your sense of taste can affect your enjoyment of food. This leads to eating less and losing weight. However, for some time now I just haven’t felt hungry as often as I would expect. We usually eat at about 6pm and I don’t have breakfast before 10am. The thing is, I often don’t feel hungry even after 16 hours without food. I’m at the stage where I only have two meals a day, sometimes only one. You’d think that I’d be as thin as a rake, but I’m not. I suspect that my body has gone into famine mode and I need to get more exercise to wake it up. Chance would be a fine thing!

it seems to be quite a thing liking dark chocolate.

it is reputedly the best sort, so we have good taste!

do you like the ones with sea salt, or chilli, or salted caramel, or my favourite pistachio!

happy gin swigging, dark chocolate munching Belle

carole x

I love the ones with salted caramel and sea salt. To me, adding salt to dark chocolate was a revelation.


On the subject of taste being affected by MS, I haven’t enjoyed my cups of tea today. The tea I made earlier didn’t taste of anything at all and the one I’ve just finished tasted stewed. I’m not sure whether I want any more tea.

Surviving on Tuna sounds grim! Although I like it I am not sure I would like to eat it exclusively! It was my birthday yesterday and I received several boxes of chocolates! I feel guilty not wanting to eat them…I hope my desire for chocolate returns soon!

How long until your sense of taste came back Cheerful Dragon?

Its funny I don’t seem to be eating as much (as you say not really fancying anything does that) and I haven’t lost weight either really! I wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds,in fact I would really quite like it! You would think there would be some perks to this MS nonsense wouldn’t you?

The last chocolate that I enjoyed was salted caramel. I wonder if it’s because it is salty/savoury rather than just sweet?


The last time I had this problem was some years ago. I can’t remember how long it lasted, but it was probably a few weeks. It was long enough to count as a relapse anyway.

Same here with not fancying chocolate. I cannot eat a Freddo or Cadburys, two Thorntons chocs is enough to knock me out. I don’t care what they say about not changing it, something has changed. I have eaten Freddos as long as I can remember, about two years ago they just gave me a massive headache almost immediately. Same with Cadburys. The lady in Sainsburys said the same thing and she was a massive chocoholic. There are a couple of bars I can eat now, also those pretend chocolate buttons are ok. Even my daughter who is in her 30s and fit said she has had to stop eating some as they just made her feel sick and headachey for days.

I am a tea-belly, since taking Plegridy, the tea tastes different. Everything tastes metalic for a few days after, I have to wait for this to pass then I can get back to my ridiculous amount of daily tea that I love so much. Yum.