Altered Taste - ms?


I was wondering if anyone has ever went through a period of time when things you eat regularly just don’t taste “right”.

I thought this occasion it was related to the migraine I had on Thursday but things still don’t taste like they should.

I also did a covid test just to put my family’s mind at ease but it was negative as I knew it would be as I have had this problem on and off over the past few years, however, I don’t like to link everything to ms.

Is this/ can this be a ms related problem?

Thanks for reading


Yes occasionally everything tastes like lard. There was one Christmas the only thing I could eat was celery

I get this, too. I’ve found myself needing to add more herbs and spices to my foods just so that I can taste SOMEthing. I also have episodes where just the thought of food turns my stomach. I’m okay actually eating things, but nothing appeals to me.

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I have found things I used to like no longer taste nice. Have had a few relapses over the years numb parts of me. Always seem to be split down the middle. So maybe right side for one relapse and left for another. Few years ago a had a relapse made most of my left side numb including my face and tongue. I had to ensure that I put food and drink to the right side of my mouth else I wouldn’t be able to determine its temperature on the left side.

Better than it was then but I’m convinced that relapse screwed with more than just my temp detection/interpretation. I believe I no longer notice the subtle flavours anymore and that screws with the overall taste of foods so some don’t taste as nice because they are missing flavours I used to be able to taste.