Hi, just wondered if anyone has any change in taste. I was diagnosed last year and have noticed this week a difference in taste, initially put it down to my husband buying the wrong coffee lol. I had Covid in Jan and my taste was not affected. I’ve had a look online and I see some posts saying ms can affect your taste. I’ve also left a message with my MS Nurse. Just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience?


I wrote a comment earlier and then did my usual of changing page instead of submitting comment. Got annoyed so I left… Though I’d try again.

Had a relapse that numbed my left side including my mouth. Was so bad I couldn’t even tell if a drink was hot if it touched the left side of my tongue/inner mouth. Right side was fine. While it has improved to some degree the sense of taste is not the same on the left side now. Not just temperature wise. Somethings just taste a little wrong. Subtle tastes can be completely lost while more …potent (not word I mean just can’t think of it right now so potent will have to do) flavours aren’t as strong as they should be.

Right side of my mouth now gets much more chewing duties so I can taste my food. I’m glad when I too had Covid in January it did not affect my taste anymore than MS has.

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My taste is affected with the MS sometimes food tastes very strange to me.

I think my taste has changed aswell. Ive gone off milk in my coffee and a chocolate bar i used to love now tastes strange - pittyits not all chocolate, i could do with loosing weight!

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I’ve always chalked it up to being a smoker with frequent sinus infections, but I’ve noticed over the last 10 years or so that I need a lot more herbs & spices in my food to make it taste good.

Thanks everybody. MS nurse says not related to MS and recommended Covid Test, however it’s not a loss of taste but a change of taste. However, went and got tested so hopefully it will be negative.
Thanks again

I have! I lovvvve chocolate but sometime over the last couple of years something has changed.At first I thought a manufacturer had changed the recipe and so I tried a different one and it was still the same! I haven’t stopped liking it exactly it just doesn’t hit the spot anymore.In my head I still love it but every time I have it I am disappointed. I have a similar thing with my coffee.Sometimes in the morning it tastes ok but other times I am not even sure if I like it. I mentioned it to my nurse and she didn’t think it was MS either.i wondered if it was an odd reaction to Tecfidera which I was on for 2 yes (I have stopped taking it 3 months ago due to low lymphocytes so we will see!) X

That is exactly what i have - still love coffee although now i have it black, and chocolate just not quite right. Im currently not nomedication so its not that. Did wonder if im finally growing up cos your tastes change as you grow up - or so im told!

Now that it’s been mentioned I do have times during the day when Coffee and even milk taste different. I often think I’ve added too muct or too little coffee and/or milk thourough the day as it just tastes not quite right.

hi lm

ms can def affect taste/smell and the whole mouh/nose atreas. i had to learn how to speak chew and sawwlo again. taste/smell issues here very poss.

keep asking questoins until you get an answer that you cope with mentallt.

take care el

taste can be affected by certain treatments including steroids.

I think having MS can affect a lot of our sensory issues. smell, taste for sure. I keep smelling fish gone off. I ask my care worker to check my food now as i was chucking out stuff all the time. its usually just me lol. I doubt its covid. i thought that was smell. I know i havent got covid as the smell coming out of my dogs bottom is enough to give me a permanent perm lol.

its def not covid. I have to test twice a week and ive always been negative

My sister’s taste also changed during the year…!

Interesting article Crazy Chick.This might explain it.I also get told off all the time for my copious salt use,perhaps this is why?

My Covid test was negative and GP thinks it’s Covid related as I had Covid in mid Jan. My sense of taste and smell really distorted and I’ve joined a Perosnia Facebook Group which has been reassuring and apparently you can have this for months and not unusual to have this months after having Covid. Ms Nurse adamant that this is not ms related. I’ve got a routine MRI brain scan on Fri so fingers crossed this is ok.
Thanks for all the replies.